Obsession DuJour: Savor Beauty

by Natasha Wolff | May 29, 2017 4:00 pm

In my humble opinion, amidst a bustling life in New York City, there’s no finer luxury than the spa day. I don’t mean to say that going to a spa is the most luxurious thing to do in New York—although that case could easily be made. What I mean is this: anyone familiar with the typical lifestyle of a go-getting, non-stop New Yorker knows that nothing compares to a tried and true spa day. Last month, I discovered one such escape at Savor Beauty + Spa[1]’s newest (and third overall) location in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood.


Inside, you’re immediately welcomed into a bright space that’s been skillfully arranged to work with its deceivingly small square footage. Founded by Angela Jia Kim, the K-beauty destination boasts a full line of 100 percent natural, organic and shoppable products. All products are also used for an array of treatments, which include a menu of facials, massages and makeup appointments.

Once you’ve chosen your service—which can, of course, be personalized according to skin type and preference—you’ll head to a private, cheerful room towards the back of the space. Each room is accented with a heavenly ceiling of fluffy white clouds, something you come to decidedly appreciate in the middle of a transformative caviar facial and massage. 

So to my fellow city dwellers and all around hard workers: take a well-deserved New York minute to indulge in the beauty practices of Savor. On a day-to-day basis it can be easy to overlook the small things and to skip stopping to smell the flowers. But in this case, take my word for it: it’ll be worth your time to savor this experience. 

All Images: Anjie Cho Architect


  1. Savor Beauty + Spa: https://www.savorbeauty.com/

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