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The Color Wow Factor

A new hair-care product line launches with a compact root cover-up that makes miracles happen

Touch-ups—filling in a lifeless lip with color, repairing smudged eye makeup, reapplying concealer to unsightly blemishes—are a necessary evil during both day and night. But what happens when in the midst of rushing out the door or going away on vacation you notice several strands of gray hair or hints of dark follicles pushing through not-so-naturally hued locks? Thanks to Color Wow, there’s now a completely reliable and easy-to-use solution that comes in a perfectly pretty little package.

Root Cover Up ($34.50), a compact of waterproof powder to be applied on the go to unruly roots with a small brush, is the new hair-care line’s marquee item. The pressed powder binds to the hair follicle, camouflaging gray roots and creating a natural texture that doesn’t feel (or look) like a tough dry shampoo. The collection includes four shades that range from blonde to dark brown, and each washes out with shampoo but will withstand a swim. Born from the mind of John Frieda Frizz-Ease inventor Gail Federici, these convenient compacts are just the ticket for quick, on-the-go summer hair touchups, the ones we thought never really existed.