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Rachel Roy’s Secrets for Perfect Skin

The fashion designer reveals the liquid regimen behind her glowing complexion

Rachel Roy likes it at least once a day. Sometimes three. And most definitely in the morning. We’re talking about fresh-pressed juice, which the 38-year-old sportswear designer credits with clearing her skin and giving her more energy than ever before. She could use the support: Roy balances an ever-hectic career—she has two fashion lines, a new shoe collection for fall and a gig dressing celebrities like Michelle Obama—with raising two young daughters in New York City. Sometimes, when she feels her body needs it, she’ll take three days to do a cleanse. By all accounts, the regimen is working.

Your skin is perfect. Please don’t tell us that it’s just “great genes.”
I started juicing at home recently and I prefer that to anything you can buy because it’s completely fresh. I’ll add anything: kale, whole apples, ginger, blueberries, carrots, beets, celery, cucumbers. At the very least, I juice once in the morning. At the most, I do it three times a day. When you drink, as opposed to chew, it’s less work for your body to digest the food, and they say nutrients go into your bloodstream really quickly so you feel the effects right away. Juicing is part of my life now and I’m actually disappointed if I can’t do it every single morning.

What other super foods are in your diet?
I like the taste of Dr. Junger’s Clean shakes, so when I want more of a meal, I’ll mix avocado and almonds with his Nourish Daily and Move [protein and fiber] powders. I feel like I’m getting more food. I stay full for longer. I have more energy. I don’t have peaks or valleys in the day where I’m like, Oh, my God, I need sugar. I’m also gluten-free in the house. I don’t require gluten-free outside of the house. It’s a really hard way to live in New York City because we’re always out . . . but your skin and hair look better, your eyes look clearer.

Nutrition gurus are all the rage. Is there anyone you’re working with?
I’ve used Tanya Zuckerbrot, who teaches you how to combine food. You can have your wine and you can have your carbs, but it’s more about what you eat with them, the fiber aspect of it. So if you eat a carb, combine it with a protein and then [Zuckerbrot teaches you] what types of protein to use. I didn’t realize how much fiber I was lacking and didn’t know how to replace certain fibrous foods that fill me up a great deal. So if I’m going to a dinner party or social event where it’s impolite not to eat, I can still eat. But if I eat some of the foods she’s told me about beforehand, I’m full and won’t fill myself up on fancy junk.

Which beauty products are on your “can’t live without” list?
I have really sensitive skin and have stuck with Estée Lauder Time Zone moisturizer a long time. I’m half-Indian and get dark circles under my eyes quicker than other people, so I keep a Clinique eye rollerball in the refrigerator for late nights. It has a metal roller on it, which stays cold, and I rub circles around my eyes. I do it while I’m getting my girls breakfast so it’s super easy. In the winter, when I don’t have a tan, I use Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick in Honey to cover dark circles under eyes or dark spots on my face.

With so much going on, how do you keep skin from looking stressed?
I’ve worked so hard that my face is something I haven’t really paid attention to. Now I’m seeing the benefits of taking off my makeup at night. When [my makeup artist] Cynde Watson comes in the mornings, she notices the difference between the days I remove my makeup and days I don’t. It’s also getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. I keep water canisters at home and in the office with lemon and cucumber slices or mint, and drink it throughout the day. Your environment is so important. When I’m at the spa, I think, This is so relaxing, what can I do about my constant environment to get some of these elements in? It’s small things, like the type of water you drink, the fact that candles are burning, the white towels. You can put so many expensive creams on your face but if your environment brings you stress, I don’t think your skin is ever going to look pretty because how you feel shows up on your face.