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Prada’s Kiss-Inspired Fragrance Goes Digital

With floral notes and an iPad presence, Rossetto’s allure extends beyond the typical scent.

With their new fragrance, Rossetto, Prada aims to leave a red lipstick mark on your collar. This is figuratively speaking, of course, as the new scent is only inspired by a sexy, rouge pout. It’s Miuccia’s way of saluting the feminine allure, and with the scent’s debut Prada has also launched a digital platform in collaboration with Michael Rock and New York’s studio 2×4. The idea is to not only wear the violet and rose notes, but to be able to express the creative vibes one may feel while spritzing it – through an accompanying iPad app, users can create individual mood boards set against backdrops that reference unique graphics and classic iconography. And for a last touch you can add a little red kiss to your creation. (All of the surprisingly kitschy artwork is available to share on Prada’s website.)