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Obsession DuJour: The Organic Pharmacy

A skincare oasis in the heart of the West Village

Hat. Gloves. Scarf. Boots. Puffy Coat. It’s the end of March, 31 degrees in New York City, and my winter checklist is getting exhausting. The biting wind whips past my cheeks, stripping them of their last bit of moisture. Would it be weird to wear one of those face masks during my commute? I try to picture myself walking down 7th Avenue in bank robber-chic attire. Definitely weird. 

Aside from the rigorous layering and snowbank hopping, the reason my disdain for winter has strengthened is because of its effect on my skin. The chilly temps and dry air leave my face parched and starving for thick creams and moisture masks. That’s where The Organic Pharmacy  comes in. 

The West Village apothecary originally started in London, with an emphasis on using certified organic products, as the name suggests. What some may not know when entering the shop, is that there’s a treatment room in the back, serving up a list of facials for every skincare concern.

“I like to analyze the skin before we select a facial,” my esthetician told me. She then decided “moisture and relaxation” were my two biggest needs, so the Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Facial would be the best fit. Ah yes, spot on.

The facial kicks off with deep breathing and jasmine oil aromatherapy, before cleansing with a rich spread of Carrot Butter Cleanser. The treatment feels like a cross between a massage and a facial, with stress-reducing pressure on the scalp, shoulders, and neck, while resting for a few minutes in the Vitamin C and Papaya Mask. That mask is followed by another mask, this time collagen boosting, and then completed with a Jasmine Night Conditioner. The whole process takes an hour, and leaves skin hydrated, smooth, and radiant.

I left The Organic Pharmacy feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and I didn’t even mind putting on my puffy coat.    

The Organic Pharmacy will participate in this year’s Spa Week’s national event coming up April 17th-23rd, with special treatments and services.