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Why NYDG is Your New Wellness Oasis

Go inside the New York Dermatology Group’s new integral health and wellness wing and experience luxury treatments

Nestled among iconic New York City buildings including the uber-iconic Flatiron building, lies the New York Dermatology Group Integral Health & Wellness clinic. Overlooking the bustle of Fifth Avenue, the expansive 7,000 square-foot space is bathed in soothing white walls that were created by Brandon Haw Architecture and Paolo Cassina Custom Interiors.

Located just two floors below the offices of Dr. David Colbert, the go-to dermatologist for stars like Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller, the NYDG Health & Wellness clinic is a hub for body rehabilitation, holistic therapy and some cosmetic procedures. With eight state-of-the-art treatment rooms, an I.V. infusions suite, collagen beds and two cryotherapy chambers, the space is a sanctuary for self-care.

Founder and head physician at the center, Dr. David Colbert, created the additional wing in the building with the intention of combining natural, holistic and wellness services with traditional medical therapies. “I like the idea that a patient could visit the fourth floor for a skin-cancer check and an aesthetic procedure and then head to the second floor for wellness-based therapies like a Susanne Kaufmann detox massage, collagen bed, cryotherapy, and I.V. therapy,” he explains.

New York Dermatology Group. Architect: Brandon Haw Architecture

There is truly a treatment for nearly every ailment or bodily ache, even if you don’t realize you need it. For example, a typical bodily response to exercise, stress and daily life can be inflammation. Inflammation and muscle soreness can creep in when you least expect it (or you may totally expect it following a strenuous workout) and are both capable of causing more damage to the immune system than you think. If you were ever an athlete you may recall slipping into an ice bath after a tough practice and reemerging a new person. Cryotherapy chambers mimic that idea, but in much less time (nobody wants to sit in an ice bath for 20 minutes) and way less uncomfortable. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the Whole Body Cryo Chamber is cooled to approximately -85°C but depending on your height and weight that temperature will be adjusted accordingly. A cryotherapy session lasts approximately three minutes, but depending on your height and weight the session could be shorter.

This is not a warm three minutes of your life. You will be cold. But, with your mittens on, you will disrobe, stand in the chamber and the esthetician will stand by to distract you with conversation, if you prefer. In my experience, chatting about my potential lunch plans made the three minutes fly by as I could feel my legs start to tingle. Afterwards, you will notice immediate muscle rejuvenation, improved skin tone and a welcomed spike of energy. It feels as though your body has been awakened and soothed all at once. The experts at NYDG recommend a minimum of ten sessions for longer lasting results but you will absolutely feel improved after one.

Visit nydgwellness.com for the full menu of services and treatments.