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Top Makeup Trends for Festival Season

Straight from Nars makeup artist Armando Guajardo Jr., these looks will make you stand out without melting off

The sweatiest, sparkliest and most sonically-inspiring time of the year is quickly approaching for fellow music lovers: festival season. From the boho-chic vibes at Coachella to the urban-cool feel of Lollapalooza, nailing your own personal style at each fest can be the most important task. Makeup, while a crucial component, is at times tricky to maintain in a land where showers are limited and mirrors are nonexistent. Luckily, we stopped by the W New York – Downtown’s new Makeup Master Class Series to meet Nars makeup artist Armando Guajardo Jr., who let us in on the secrets of festival makeup.

With over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics and artistry industry, Armando Guajardo Jr. is a masterful craftsman who has worked with some of today’s most influential photographers, stylists and models. From New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks to the deserts of Burning Man, Armando’s expertise is exactly what you need this season to feel fresh and Instagram-ready. See below for how to execute his top six trends.

1. Glitter Galore

Glitter for festivals? Revolutionary. For a more discrete version of this classic concert dazzler, mix glitter into your lotion for an all over effect. If you’re aiming for a showstopping look, have a friend blow glitter onto your body from a piece of paper after using an oil-based lotion to make it stick. For those bound-to-happen blunders, use scotch tape to “wax” the glitter off.

2. Less IS More

The killer cat-eye isn’t always necessary when you have to worry about keeping it up for a weekend of uninhibited dancing under the blistering sun. Keeping your makeup to a minimum is ultimately easier to maintain, plus you won’t have to worry about carrying more than the basics with you. Sometimes just a swipe of waterproof mascara does the trick.

3. Fake Freckles

Armando describes these as “little kisses from angels.” Although this isn’t a festival-exclusive look, trying it out in an uplifting, community-driven environment might be the best time to step out of the box! With two-tone eyeliner, it’s as simple as dotting your face in an uneven pattern and you’ll have a romantic new look.

4. Jewel Tone Eyeliner

If you thought colorful eye accents ran their course in the 80’s, think again. This is one of those bold, fit for a festival looks. Armando suggests starting out with a smudged look so you can embrace any imperfections that come your way throughout the day. Jewel tones work best to deliver a playful vibe for any complexion.

5. Ombre Lip

For some, taking risks with statement styles at festivals is a must-do. If you’re looking for a daring look with minimal effort, Armando suggests applying an ombre lip. The compact Nars Powermatte Lip Duos are easy to revamp mid-set and will help you keep the spotlight on you all day.

6. Layering Highlighters

Once you venture into a world of glitzy creams and shimmery powders, there’s no turning back. When you plan on basking in the sun for a long period of time, layering different shades of highlighters allows for those rays to hit a sweet spot at any hour. Armando’s favorite combination is Maldives, a rose bronze and St. Barths, a warm bronze.

Main image: pinterest.com