A Man’s Guide to Grooming

by Natasha Wolff | June 23, 2015 2:45 pm

Most men can attest to the fact that navigating through a daily beauty regimen is a difficult pursuit. There are so many products and so many steps—the process is tempting to skip. But don’t fret! Here, hair and skincare gurus share insider secrets that can take the guesswork out of grooming, from must-try facial cleansers and razors to tips on how keep your hairstyle on-trend.

Best Men’s Grooming Products
The latest alcohol-infused products—plus, 5 shops where a haircut comes with a drink.

Safety in Numbers
A comfortable close shave has fueled the safety razor’s resurgence. These sculptural blades are a cut above.

The Men’s Grooming Market is Hot for Coal
Activated charcoal is your dirtiest little secret.

Your Beard, But Better
Three master barbers weigh in on the secrets to maintaining a flawless facial hair regimen.

The Best Grooming Gifts for Father’s Day
Shop shaving essentials, hair care, bold scents and more.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends of 2015
Five of-the-moment looks recommended by top-notch hair gurus that will spring your style forward. 

The Great (Hair) Recession
Appalled by going bald? The future that no man, neither friend nor celebrity, can escape.

Live Free or Dye
Spilling the secrets to combat going prematurely gray.

About Face: The New Boom in Botox for Men
Today, men are jumping on the cosmetic-surgery bandwagon faster than ever. 

Buying a Six-Pack
More men are going under the knife for super-cut abs.

The Barbershop Brigade
A spate of new NYC chop shops offers both old-world charm and new-world amenities that any man of style can appreciate. 

Glossed Over: Slicked is Back
Is it a throwback, thoroughly modern, or a little of both? Regardless, dapper men are declaring that the use of hair gel is no longer taboo.

Groom with a View
Some of the best new products for men come sized for your carry-on. 

Blade Runners
Harry’s, a new online emporium, is set to change the shave game.

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