10 Men’s Summer Style Rules

by Natasha Wolff | August 16, 2016 3:15 pm

Guys, summer requires you to do more than just add sunscreen to your grooming routine. As the weather heats up, you should know that there are new rules for taking care of yourself. But don’t worry—it’s not hard. “I don’t believe anyone has the time to spend more than 10 minutes on grooming, no matter what look he wants to achieve,” Alain Pinon, a founder of Manhattan’s Salon AKS[1], says. “We’d rather spend more time at the beach or the pool.”

One example of a simple seasonal shift to make: “Switch to a lighter or oil-free moisturizer with a higher SPF,” Fred Goudy, lead aesthetician at Bliss Chicago[2], says. “Hydration is very important, because sun exposure can be drying.” Here are 10 easy rules to follow—and their corresponding products—to update your routine for summer. 

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Source URL: https://dujour.com/beauty/men-summer-style-advice-tips/