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Lisa Logan: Beyoncé’s Manicurist

Beyoncé’s manicurist is redefining what it means to be polished

Lisa Logan is quickly becoming the authority on tricked-out nail art, thanks in large part to the living, breathing, showstopping advertisement that is Beyoncé Knowles. Logan’s manicures have made appearances onstage, in music videos like the hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and on the arm of Jay-Z at countless red-carpet events. The New York City–based stylist even painted the singer’s nails a sapphire hue for one of her first public appearances after daughter Blue Ivy was born.

Speaking of new-mom mentalities, Logan says that Beyoncé “loves a bedazzled look but is more cautious of the sharp stones around Blue.” Logan, a 15-year veteran of the nail industry, reveals that lately the pop diva has been partial to glitter, graffiti and animal prints.

When she’s not tending to the needs of Beyoncé (whom Logan affectionately refers to as “Bey”), she’s busy working with other celebrities, like Katie Holmes and Pink. Now the sought-after nail artist is bringing her skills to the masses with the opening of her own salon, the Nail Suite by Lisa Logan, in Harlem; so if you like it, you should put some bling on it.

Photographed by Leon Steele