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Do You Have a Face for Glasses?

Yes, and LensCrafters can help you find the perfect pair of glasses while encouraging healthy eyes in the process

I’ve been wearing prescription eyeglasses since I was an awkward pre-teen. I’ve gone through tiny metal frames, thick black rectangular styles, and everything in between. In my older years, I’m still a little awkward but I tend to opt for contacts over glasses, simply because I haven’t found a pair that made me feel like, me. Glasses can add style and flair to any outfit, but they can also help keep my baby blues healthy. As a working woman, I spend close to ten hours a day looking at my computer screen, phone screen and sometimes my coworker’s screens. This over-exposure to harmful blue light can do some serious damage to your eyes. LensCrafters has introduced lenses with blue light protection that helps protect your vision and reduce exposure to these harmful blue light.

At first, the Blue IQ lenses feel no different than your average lenses. But, they are specifically designed to offer clear vision and filter at least 20% of harmful blue light. The most obvious result from wearing Blue IQ lenses is that your sleep cycle will be impacted, for the better. When being constantly stimulated all day long through various screens (and light), it can become harder to fall asleep at night for some people.

While the health benefits of wearing Blue IQ lenses in your glasses are optimal, you still want to rock a stylish pair of frames that compliment your face and personality. LensCrafters offers blue light filtering lenses for a number of brands including Ray-Ban, Persol, Michael Kors, Versace, and more.

By introducing the LensCrafters MyLook app, customers are actually able to try on all the different frames they like, from the comfort of their own home. Download the app and virtually choose the frame you like. You’ll be able to see yourself in four different frames at once and compare. This is especially helpful if you’re like me and have a small face. Sometimes trying on frames in the store can be challenging because you have to imagine how they’d look once they’re tightened and fitted for your face.

So, do you have a face for glasses? Yes, the answer is always yes. But, there are steps you could be taking to keep your eyes as healthy as possible, while also enjoying a stylish pair of frames such as, simply having an eye exam. LensCrafters offers a digital eye exam dubbed Clarifye that reads the shape of your eyes and is able to suggest the best prescription for you. With 3D images, videos and more, your eye doctor is able to detect vision issues as well as overall health issues such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes.

From protecting your vision to adding a cute accessory to your everyday look, eyeglasses can be pretty life-changing, if you get the right ones. So what are my new frames that I can’t live without? Tory Burch, of course.