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A Tour Through La Mer’s Ultra-Luxe Spa

The elite brand teamed up with the Baccarat Hotel & Residences to create its first full-service spa

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Luxe sea-kelp-based skin-care brand La Mer has opened its first spa in the U.S. at the Baccarat Hotel & Residences in Midtown Manhattan. Opulent services—like a bespoke, 90-minute La Mer Baccarat Facial ($350), with a diamond-powder exfoliation and warming facial massage using Baccarat stones—harness the healing energies of the sea to help guests relax.

“La Mer worked with Baccarat in Paris to create this ultimate sensorial experience,” says Joanne Hsieh, La Mer’s general manager for spas. “Red crystals will bring warmth, energy and stimulation, which will help with fatigue, while blue crystals will bring tranquility to help smooth the skin.” Designed by the hospitality firm Gilles & Boissier to evoke a European seaside retreat, the urban oasis tucked away below the hotel’s entrance features marble and white-washed wood floors, spacious locker rooms and four treatment areas, along with a grand 50-foot indoor pool. After a visit to this intimate urban shelter, you’ll believe the sea has restorative powers indeed.

Check out photos of the luxe spa in the gallery above.

28 West 53rd Street; baccarathotels.com