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The Kardashian’s Mane Attraction

Kim and Khloe sat down with DuJour to discuss the launch of the sisters’ new hair care line

One of the many things to covet about the Kardashian clan? Their cascades of long, thick waves, of course. Now, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are sharing their secrets to strand success.

Kardashian Beauty, the grooming branch of the family’s ever-growing empire, now includes a lineup of salon-quality styling products—blow dry cream, defining cream-gel and dry shampoo, to name a few—all infused with exotic Black Seed Oil, known to revitalize and nourish hair.

Products from the Kardashian Beauty line

Some products from the Kardashian Beauty line

“We genuinely love the process of hair and makeup. We love getting it done,” said Khloe. “Certain things that we apply to ourselves like Black Seed Oil is stuff that we loved to put in our hair even before we put it into our own line. Products that will style your hair and the sleek, glam look of it all is really ‘us.’” 

Even little North West is getting some of the coveted oil tousled in her locks. 

“I actually now slick her hair up in a bun,” said Kim. “It’s just gotten long enough so I use the Black Seed Oil to tighten it up.”

The product was originally inspired by the various needs of the sisters who each struggle with a different mane-related issue. And, of course, it complemented their already existing (wildly successful) makeup line.

“We love beauty products. We took makeup lessons when we were 14,” said Kim. “It all started with our makeup line years ago and it was just a dream to come out with hair care. I think it just kind of goes together; one isn’t really complete without the other.”

The products are already flying off shelves, so don’t miss out on the chance to up your beauty regimen ante with these Kardashian-approved products. 

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