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Products That Finally Erased My Pores

How one beauty editor’s experience with a Korean beauty brand changed her face

Getting perfect skin is a never ending, daily battle. I had searched high and low, left and right for something that would help clear everything up before someone suggested K-beauty, Korean beauty. The Koreans are renowned for their forward-thinking beauty recipes, skin philosophies and impeccable skin regimens, which lead to a flawless face. Since I had a friend traveling there, I asked him to bring me back some beauty products. With an array of products from Korea’s top selling brand Caolion Cosmetics in tow, I was ready to start experimenting.

Started by Eunhee Joo, a woman who says that she battled her own skin problems for years before she finally decided to come up with a line using natural ingredients, I was shocked when after using four of her products for just two weeks, my skin had a turnaround! From there I was hooked but when I went to replenish, I realized they weren’t sold in the States. Alas, their sister brand, JJ Young, has just launched Stateside.

The whole philosophy of the line is based on pore care. Joo believes that all skin issues start at the pores and the reason we get dull skin, blemishes, wrinkles and so on are all caused by impurity-filled pores. The pores trap heavy impurities in your skin and unless you treat them daily, those pores will stay clogged until your skin acts out.

Their key duo product that really intrigued me is a Pore Steam Mask and Pore Cool Mask. We all know steaming is important because it opens your pores to help release grime, but who in the world really sits over a face steamer at home? This is the best pore minimizer mask I have found. I think of it like a K-beauty super pack. It has two of my star pore ingredients, Charcoal and Volcanic Ash.

Pore Steam Mask

Pore Steam Mask

The Pore Steam Mask heats up quickly and as you feel your pores open up the Charcoal goes to work extracting blackheads while the natural walnut powder exfoliates to slough off any of the bad stuff. The point is to follow this with the Cool Mask, which refreshes the skin with Menthol, as the Volcanic Ash, which is rich in minerals and antioxidants goes to work unclogging and treating pores. Opposite of the steam mask, the cool mask tightens the pores the longer it sits.

My absolute favorite daily product in the line is the Pore Steam Cleanser, which is like a mini steam mask cleanser that heats up when you apply it to quickly open and cleanse the pores. I follow that with JJ Young’s Pore Perfecting Multi Cream, a three-in-one: a toner, essence and cream, with aloe to fight inflammation and soothe skin and these cute little mini vitamin capsules you can see and feel explode to create a velvety smooth skin finish so nice, sometimes I find myself foregoing my own coveted makeup routine!

Pore Steam Cleanser

Pore Steam Cleanser

When I met Joo she explained that aside from wanting to create a line that could help treat most skin ailments naturally, she wanted to create brands that allow women to reveal their most beautiful self so they don’t always feel the need for makeup. I’d say, it’s working!

Head to www.jj-young.com for more information.