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Meet The Mother of Pearlescent

Model Jessica Hart’s skincare and beauty line LUMA is your ticket to natural radiance

While getting glowy isn’t a new trend in beauty, “nontour,” the term to describe using illuminator without the contrasting darker shades, is decidedly less familiar. But for Aussie model Jessica Hart it’s the secret behind her lit-from-within luminosity and the cornerstone of her beauty collection, LUMA.

“LUMA is all about luminous, glowing and radiant skin,” says Hart of the line that’s made from crushed pearls. “We wanted to find an Australian-made ingredient that would illuminate the skin in a healthy, natural way. After a lot of brainstorming and sourcing, we decided that pearls were our key ingredient.“

Hart’s mom taught her early about leading a healthy, holistic lifestyle and it’s a philosophy she’s infused into both her product line and her beauty beliefs, which include anti-concealing and embracing uniqueness. “I have been in the modeling industry for over 10 years now and I have tried many skincare and makeup products,” says Hart. “When I first created LUMA five years ago, there was a huge gap in the market for affordable, natural products that took pride in its formulations and was true to its ethos. Our skincare and makeup products are all about making your skin radiant and luminous, as well as looking healthy and natural.”

LUMA’s Just a Touch Lip and Cheek Tint in Lady Luck, Signorita, and Muse.

All of LUMA’s skin and makeup essentials are formulated to enhance natural and authentic radiance. The main ingredient, pearls, reportedly offer light reflecting properties that instantly even the appearance of your complexion, heal imperfections, reduce redness, and assist regenerating anti-aging collagen. Pearls are also rich in amino acids and minerals for intense hydration.

The line’s creamy On the Glow Highlighter is available in five shimmering shades.

The line, which includes both skincare as well as cosmetics, contains no parabens or sulfates and does not test on animals. Hart herself uses much of the line in her own beauty regimen. “I’m always trying new products and samples, but the one thing I am consistent about is removing my makeup every night and exfoliating at least twice a week,” she says. “I use Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water to remove dirt and makeup from the day, then I exfoliate with my LUMA Crushed Pearl Facial Polish and mist my face with Nuskin NaPCA Facial Mist. I’ll then add a few drops of my LUMA Brighten Up Beauty Serum into my moisturizer, which changes a lot depending on the season or how dehydrated my skin is. I finish off with a Lepaar Skin lip balm on my lips and a touch on the highs of my cheekbones.”

Follow these tips from Jessica Hart for radiant skin:

“Start from within,” says Hart. “Drink lots of water, take your vitamins and supplements. I also like to use vitamin mists and sprays to help keep my skin supple and radiant throughout the day.”

– Sunscreen, always! SPF 50+ is a must!
– Exfoliate your face with an exfoliating brush.
– Use highlighter on the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit.
– Use treatments in your hair after going to the beach or swimming.
– Apply a clear lip balm to the highs of your cheekbones!

Main photo by Simon Upton

Product photos courtesy of Luma Beauty