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Inside Madonna’s Insane Skincare Line

Previously only available in Japan, MDNA is now at a Barneys near you

Just like the rest of us, when Madonna sleeps face down, she wakes up with puffy eyes. But unlike us, instead of reaching for a run-of-the-mill cold cream or slice of cucumber, the Queen of Pop dabs on her very own skincare line MDNA Skin, which she created with high-tech Japanese beauty brand MTG along with New York-based dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. The 6-treatment collection targets a range of skincare needs, from a facial serum for dark spots to a tightening and softening $600 chrome clay mask that comes with a “magic wand” (more on that later.) Having gone platinum in Japan, the line recently made its debut in the U.S., where it’s available exclusively at Barneys or online.

Here, Dr. Frank fills us in on how he brought the pop star’s famed skincare routine to the masses.

What’s it like to work with Madonna?

Madonna gives 110%. Some people might call it obsessive. I say she’s meticulous. She’s not half-assed about anything. She doesn’t ask more of people than she gives herself. She wanted an eye mask that feels good and that you wouldn’t have to sit still to wear. She tested dozens of masks on herself until she found the perfect one, it’s a little larger than most and has a unique fit which means you can multitask while you wear it. Before she picked the particular fragrance she wanted for her rose-scented mist, we were Fed Ex-ing samples back and forth like crazy, there must have been over 50 packages until she found the exact scent she was looking for. The smell, the texture of the product, the packaging, she was involved in all aspects. 

What’s the “secret sauce?”

The line is naturopathic and luxurious. It’s very 21st century, a mixture of artisanal and high-tech. We used rich mineral waters and clay from the Tuscan mountains, which have anti-inflammatory properties when combined with cutting edge devices. The dual-headed Skin Rejuvenator (that magic wand-like tool used with the clay mask) has a magnetic head that removes the clay along with impurities and another that emits electric micro-currents that deliver serums to penetrate the skin more deeply. The Rejuvenator can also detect the degree of moisture in the skin and adjusts current and voltage levels accordingly. It’s revolutionary.

The consumer wants more than just a cream they can slather on, they’re going to be using more and more small devices like this. I don’t want to put myself out of business, but it’s the future of skin care at home.

What’s Madonna’s skin care routine like at home?

Madonna’s very disciplined. She eats healthy, she doesn’t drink, smoke, doesn’t go out in the sun, she gets a good night’s sleep and she comes into the office frequently for treatments. But as a performer, Madonna spends a lot of time wearing heavy makeup and sweating under hot lights, which is extra taxing on her skin.

She bought one of the machines that we use in the office for oxygen facials for her personal use. And, she goes on tour with an aesthetician who gives her facials everyday. Now that’s more than the average person want or needs, but people can get the MDNA Skin Facial at the PFrankMD Skin Salon in New York (and soon, around the country) which combine the MDNA products with light, oxygen and micro-current procedures.

The other skincare tip that both Madonna and I agree on: A positive attitude is key to looking and feeling good.

Main image credit: pinterest.com