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I Tried Acupuncture For the First Time

…and here’s what I thought

Whether you’d like to improve your dry skin, weak joints, anxiety, stress levels, or digestive issues, you can find an acupuncture-based treatment regimen that fits your needs. Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which fuses acupuncture, herbal remedies and cupping therapy together as a holistic approach to achieve balance and strength. TCM treats someone’s health concerns at their core, not just on the surface, allowing for immediate results as well as serving as preventative efforts.

Acupuncture specifically is the act of inserting tiny hair-thin needles into specific points on the human body. There are over 2,000 points on the body that make up your internal network that when triggered in the correct combination can send specific messages to alter brain chemistry, increase endorphins, balance hormones and more. These tiny needles can be inserted to help manage pain, increase circulation and even boost collagen production (to help make your skin glow!).

I’d never personally experienced acupuncture until recently. I had heard that acupuncture was helpful if you were looking to heal an athletic injury or any sort of bodily pain. I wasn’t. But, I was very curious about the overall practice. WTHN in New York City is a healing oasis that combines the ancient practices of acupuncture and cupping with modern twists like sound therapy, LED Light Therapy and a super chic vanity area featuring top products for you to freshen up after your treatment.

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So, what did I try? I opted for a treatment plan off WTHN’s curated menu called: In The Clear. Meant to strengthen your immune system, my expert healer informed me that although I might not see immediate results the way I would if I was suffering from specific pain, I would experience a boost in endorphins and energy afterwards. It is also a preventative measure to ensure your immune system stays healthy. After a 15-minute consultation where my healer educated me on his background (every healer needs a minimum of three years training before joining the WTHN team), checked my pulse and I gave him a little background on my own health practices, the healing process had begun.

I laid on a heated table with a pillow under my legs and my healer pricked me with nine needles in the core points on my body: one in the top of my head, two in each hand, two in each arm, two in each leg and two in each foot. With each needle came a tiny prick that stung for a moment. There were about 10 other needles inserted outside of the core points, all working together to help minimize stress, ward off fatigue and maintain a healthy immune system. Once the needles were all in place, I was given noise cancelling headphones that played the most hypnotic binaural beats and a weighted eye mask. I drifted off into the most calm state I’ve ever been in. I’m not exaggerating. Over the next 20 minutes I went from feeling as though I were floating, feeling nothing at all and feeling truly relaxed.

There is something about sense deprivation that allows you to connect with your body on a unique level, both physically and mentally. When I left WTHN after my treatment (the whole process took about 50 minutes), I felt fully rejuvenated and energized. Plus, being able to sip tea in the wellness lounge and freshen up at the vanity area afterwards were major perks.

Overall, even if you are skeptical about Traditional Chinese Medicine, WTHN is worth a visit. With science-backed research and modern advances that cater to your personalized needs, you’ll feel taken care of at WTHN and at the very least, you’ll leave feeling stress-free and relaxed.