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I Tried a Keratin Lift on My Eyelashes

…and so far, my life is better

Lately every beauty buff is down to microblade their eyebrows, explore cosmetic tattoos, and experiment with fillers all day long. But, what about eyelashes? As a self-proclaimed mascara fanatic, I love a good lash. I also have naturally straight, fine, and blonde eyelashes. I’m not nearly as cute without the help of an eyelash curler and mascara. Obviously I use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler every morning and coat my lashes with FetishEyes™ Mascara by Pat McGrath, only to inevitably return to having straight (albeit darker) lashes again by noon. If you have stubborn lashes like myself, keep reading for a solution.

Wink Brow Bar in New York City (several locations, SoHo will open soon) offers a range of eyelash, eyebrow, hair, and nail services. What caught my eye (get it?) was the Eye-Opening Lash Lift and Tint. The combined treatment takes about an hour. Using the highest quality keratin, the process involves nourishing and curling the lashes upward. First, you will lay down and close your eyes (if you wear contacts, maybe opt for glasses on the day of your appointment; your eyes will remain closed for one hour and could get dry). Once the formula is applied to your eyelashes, you will relax for approximately 25 minutes before your lash expert will reapply the formula. After another 15 minutes you will be that much closer to revealing beautifully lifted eyelashes. You will remain horizontal for another five minutes as your pro cleans up your eyelashes and wipes away any excess formula or tint before sitting up in awe of the result.

Biggest takeaways: non-invasive, super relaxing, and the treatment lasts up to eight weeks. I recommend receiving the lash tint as well as the lift for a few reasons. One is that you are not allowed to wear mascara for the first 24 hours following the lift treatment and the tint is subtle and makes your eyelashes appear as though you already have a light coat of mascara on. My second reason is that in the summertime, nobody likes to have mascara dripping down their face when it gets to be a little too balmy outside. Waterproof mascara is great, but can be tough on your lashes. A tint will allow you to live freely in the summertime with less makeup on.

Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin

Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin

My lift and tint has made me much more confident about not wearing as much makeup. I feel as though when I wake up my eyes don’t need that extra swipe of concealer or eyeliner. My biggest recommendation for people considering these treatments is to invest in the Wink Nourished Lash Fortifier + Keratin product. This clear product is one of the last steps used in the Eye-Opening Lash Lift and Tint service at Wink Brow Bar, but you can take it home with you to continue strengthening your lashes beyond your treatment. It is great for eyebrows too, to nourish and to tame.

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