Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga Just Shared Stupid Love

by Natasha Wolff | May 19, 2020 3:30 pm

Since throwing the biggest virtual concert in recent history in support of the World Health Organization and Global Citizen, Lady Gaga has become an even more revered icon than before. The global superstar’s virtual show, One World: Together at Home, featured stars such as Billie Eilish[1], Kacey Musgraves, the Rolling Stones, and many others, and raised nearly $130 million[2] for WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund[3].

With values rooted in unity, acceptance, and support of one another, Lady Gaga[4] created her beauty brand Haus Laboratories as an outlet for fans to express themselves through. In these stressful times of uncertainty and tension throughout the world, the latest launch from Haus Laboratories[5] will hopefully bring some light into the world.

Stupid Love eyeshadow palette

Stupid Love eyeshadow palette[6] features 18 shades of vibrant pigments and draws inspiration from Gaga’s upcoming sixth album, CHROMATICA. From natural warm tones to bold boundary-breaking metallic colors, Stupid Love is a reflection of Gaga’s punctuated personality and beloved warmth.

Of her new eyeshadow palette, Lady Gaga told Instyle[7], “Stupid Love is a reminder that love never fails and we all have the ability to free ourselves from fear. With all of the colors in the Stupid Love palette, it is a reminder that all colors are important.  What makes us all the same is that we are different, but there are endless ways to color with love. Enjoy exploring your inner and outer beauty with this palette. Haus Laboratories[8] loves you, and that love has no boundaries.”

Stupid Love eyeshadow palette

Stupid Love eyeshadow palette is available today, May 19, on[9] and for $48. 

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