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DJ Hannah Bronfman shares her skincare secret weapons, makeup must-haves and the best beauty advice she’s ever gotten

If there’s anyone qualified to offer up beauty advice, it’s Hannah Bronfman, the doe-eyed DJ who spends her days as the co-founder of the wildly successful app Beautified and her nights elevated above the crowds spinning coveted playlists. And to add to her already bountiful resume, she’ll soon lend her beauty expertise to the new style-centric site The Estée Edit.

Below, DuJour asked Bronfman a few rapid-fire beauty questions—and her answers may surprise you.

What are your five desert island beauty must-haves? 
A serious facial sunscreen, a loofah, lip moisturizer, good conditioner and a Mason Pearson comb

What’s a beauty trend you’re currently loving?
I’m obsessed with the turquoise and black color-blocked eyeliner from Fendi’s spring/summer 2015 show!

What’s a beauty look you’d never try?
Super-thin eyebrows are not cute.

What are your skincare secret weapons for: A zit, under-eye circles and dry skin?
It’s a combination of products (Heritage Rosewater Spray, 37 Actives Extra Rich Moisturizer, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, Coconut Oil, Lucas PawPaw Ointment), a gluten/dairy/refined sugar-free diet and lots of water.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?
Your body is a temple—so treat it as such.

What’s your favorite type of beauty service (booked on Beautified, of course)?
I can’t pick just one! Pedicures at Vanity Projects, facials at Face Place and massages at the Red Door are all great. We now have fitness on the app, so lately I’ve been going to a class at Peloton then straight to Antonio Prieto for a blowout.

Where do you discover new music?
Really everywhere! I love hypem.com/soundcloud/indieshuffle.com, and I always ask my friends what they’re loving.

What’s one song that you’ve loved longer than you can remember?
Anything by Mariah Carey.


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