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Dashing Diva for Christian Cowan SS20 NYFW

Here’s How to Get Christian Cowan’s Patterned Nails

The designer partnered with Dashing Diva to create dramatic manicures for his SS20 NYFW runway show

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A fierce face in fashion, designer Christian Cowan is a champion for self-expression on the runway. Cowan showed his Spring/Summer 2020 collection at New York Fashion Week and while staying true to his unapologetically vibrant aesthetic, the designer drew inspiration from his own personal heritage, in particular, his female family members. Growing up in Moaña, a seaside village in Spain, Cowan was surrounded by a strong family who influenced his work ethic. “They are all strong fierce leaders who inspire me daily with their confidence to lead, whether it be leading the family or their businesses,” Cowan says of his female family members.

With bold patterns, colors, and shapes exploding down the runway, Cowan needed his powerful model’s to have just as impressive manicures. Celebrity manicurist Pattie Yankee created five nail designs for Cowan’s presentation using Dashing Diva.

Dashing Diva for Christian Cowan SS20

Dashing Diva for Christian Cowan SS20

Yankee used Dashing Diva’s Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips which were pre-printed in five different custom prints: tie-dye, black and white checkered, and four solid colors: bright pink, light pink, black, and tan. Yankee then applied the Gloss strips to Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nails, a blank nail canvas that adds length and perfects the nail shape, and were secured with Virtual Adhesive Tabs.

Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Nail Strips are the ultra-shiny, super strong, wrinkle-free gel strips that don’t require UV dry time or soak off removal. Get salon-quality, gel shine on your time. They are chip-resistant and wear up to 14 days.

Dashing Diva for Christian Cowan SS20

Dashing Diva for Christian Cowan SS20

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