Obsession DuJour: Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer

by Natasha Wolff | May 8, 2017 3:00 pm

Hand sanitizer has a bad rap as the nuclear warhead of casual hygiene. Since most drugstore varieties leave my hands feeling post-apocalyptically dry and chemically, and thanks to my relatively laissez faire attitude toward microorganisms, I’ve never been one to douse myself with Purell post-subway ride. 

My habits changed this past flu season after I came across the certified organic Sanitizer Aseptisant from Intelligent Nutrients[1]. According to its directions, this antibacterial spray is gentle enough to be used as an absorbent for your scalp, and each spritz smells like linen and vanilla. 

Founded by the late Horst Rechelbacher, whose first company Aveda brought natural cosmetics to the United States back in 1978, Intelligent Nutrients boasts a head-to-toe line of eco-friendly cosmetics. But it’s the company’s sanitizer, free of chemicals and 99.9% lethal to bacteria, that has become iconic of their clean, ultra-organic values; a jumbo-sized pump stands outside of their storefront just off Washington Square Park, and product descriptions call the stuff a “cult favorite” among customers. 

Like one allergic to bees might pack multiple EpiPens, I’ve lately been toting around two bottles of the stuff – not because I’ve become a full-blown germaphobe, but because I received the second as a gift after spreading (and spraying) the good word to family and friends all last winter. But judging by the expectant palms I continue to encounter after just one spritz in the office or on the train, this product simply sells itself. 


  1. Intelligent Nutrients: http://www.intelligentnutrients.com/certified-organic-hand-sanitizer

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