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by Natasha Wolff | March 12, 2015 2:17 pm

ChaiseFitness Private Studio, New York City
Created by mother-daughter duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin, ChaiseFitness Private Studio blends properties of Pilates, ballet and aerobics for an effective, full-body workout. The concepts behind this New York City–based lifestyle studio are derived from Lauren’s past experience as a competitive figure skater and Rachel’s previous career as a professional ballerina[1]. Their studio embraces the “Reinvention Method,” an innovative chair-based approach that incorporates an overhead bungee system to activate core muscles. Students exhaust muscles through repetitive movements, blasting calories while improving flexibility, balance and coordination. By fusing the sculpting power of Pilates with cardio exercise, the Piskins’ core-based workout will deliver a leaner, more toned body no matter the season. ChaiseFitness Private Studio is currently available on Gilt City.[2]

DavidBartonGym, National
Described as “the only place to work out” by Vogue, DavidBartonGym features both state-of-the art workout facilities and classes that follow the latest trends and proven research in exercise science. The gym also provides patrons a well-designed, spacious and attractive gym facility. DavidBartonGym is a place athletes want to be, not somewhere they have to be. Atmospheric lighting, heartbeat-raising music and some of the most attractive clients you’ll find at any gym in town further set this fitness institution apart. DavidBartonGym is currently available on Gilt City.[3]

SpeedX, Los Angeles
At SpeedX, a supportive community not only inspires clients but motivates them to return the next day, sore muscles and all. The trainers themselves maintain a contagious energy that encourages clients to push their bodies past their physical plateaus to make their fitness[4] dreams a reality. Strength and stamina are the benefits of the constantly changing “non-routines” here. If you have weight goals in mind, the staff will help you tailor your workouts and nutrition accordingly. Every class offers innovative training methods, making this one of the best high intensity interval training facilities around. SpeedX is currently available on Gilt City.[5]

HardPressed, Chicago
At Hardpressed, trainers focus on high intensity strength training, delivering a full-body workout in just 30 minutes. This innovative program encourages clients to push themselves to achieve the most efficient workout in the least amount of time. The combination of free weights, machines and body weight exercises is designed to build muscle and boost metabolism. Plus, it’s varied enough so your body won’t plateau during your sessions. With one-on-one training, you’ll get the personal attention you need to stay in tip-top shape well into spring. HardPressed is currently available on Gilt City.[6]


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