Fitness Tips from SI’s Newest Model

by Natasha Wolff | March 8, 2016 10:53 am

With the premiere of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, we’ve seen many fresh faces thrust into the spotlight, including newcomer Ebonee Davis. DuJour asked the stunning 23-year-old model to share her best workout tips and tricks, like how to achieve abdominal perfection, change up routines and stay motivated. 

What are your go-to workout methods? 

Definitely boxing and jumping rope. Jumping rope[1] is sort of a supplemental thing to boxing, although it’s a great workout on its own. Typically boxers use it to condition; it’s their form of cardio. Those combined are probably my favorite workouts.

I like to do the AeroImpact class [at Aerospace] which is throwing punches for an hour on the heavy bag and being instructed on different combinations. My second favorite is barre class[2], which incorporates dance into some of the boxing that we learn. One of the trainers/co-owners used to be a dancer so she’s taken her dance training and her boxing and turned it into something very unique and fun. 

What’s one move that kills but is worth it? 

For me the hardest thing is squats! I haven’t done the 30-Day Squat Challenge. I think the point is to get a bigger butt and to fill out your thighs a little bit, so I try to stay away from that sort of thing. It is good to do squats on occasion though just to keep everything firm and lifted. 

What’s the secret to maintaining your six-pack abs? 

Make sure that you’re monitoring your water intake and not eating too many sugary foods because abs start in the kitchen[3]. It’s all about balance. As far as working out goes, leg throws, sit-ups and really during any workout you should be engaging your abs. Even when you’re going up the subway stairs you should have your abs engaged! It makes your entire body function more efficiently.

What’s the best time of day to attend a fitness class? 

My favorite time of day would be the morning, just because it’s the beginning of the day. I’ll feel really great and energized throughout the day. I definitely try to get in there at least four times a week. 

How do you fit in working out when you’re traveling?

There’s a lot of moves that I do just in my hotel room that are really great. I really encourage people to just use their bodies. You don’t need equipment and you don’t need to go to the gym for an hour. The most important thing is to stay consistent, like dedicating five minutes to doing crunches or ab work in your hotel room. 

How do you stay motivated?

I like to switch it up. That’s why Aerospace is such a great option for me because I can take different classes on different days. It’s important because your body can become used to the workouts that you do and they aren’t as effective after a while.

Does music help?

Yes, and definitely something upbeat! A lot of hip-hop music — it keeps me really motivated. The one artist who I always listen to is Future. I don’t know what it is about those trap beats but they just make you go extra hard in the gym. 

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