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The (Non-Juice) Cleanse

Refresh and reboot with this selection of detoxifying smoothies, soups and teas

Philosophie, National
Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe is a certified NASM personal trainer, yoga instructor, raw food nutritionist and chef. Short on time when blending her daily superfood smoothie, Jaffe realized the process could be made almost effortless using a superfood powder—and shortly after, she founded Philosophie. Each of these blends has a long shelf life and features a fine mix of antioxidant-rich superfoods that are easy to incorporate into your diet as a meal replacement, post-workout tonic or morning pick-me-up with coffee. Whether their goal is shedding pounds, nixing headaches or killing sugar cravings, clients report higher energy and nearly instant results. Philosophie is now available on Gilt City

Green Bee, San Diego
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy with Green Bee smoothies and soups delivered directly to your door. The Super Smoothie contains royal jelly along with 17 other greens, fruits and super foods, helping you increase your energy, improve your skin and build lean muscle. Savory soups include cleansing ingredients like cayenne and coconut oil. Clients can choose from three-, five- or seven-day cleanses, (perfect for detoxing after an excessive holiday season). With this easy to follow program, you can change your life one sip at a time. Green Bee is now available on Gilt City.

Skinny Fox Detox, National
This company offers 100 percent organic, gluten-free teas, available individually or as part of 14- and 28-day cleanses. Made with a special blend of effective ingredients, the teas are designed to boost energy, suppress the appetite and fight fat accumulation, helping you lose weight and flush out toxins. While cleansing, you’ll start each day with the “Hello Gorgeous” metabolism-boosting tea, a smooth-tasting blend of yerba mate, sencha green tea, oolong tea and ginseng root. Come evening, you’ll enjoy a cup of “Good Bye Cherry Pie” cleansing tea, which helps to flush out toxins, improve digestion and reduce inflammation.  Skinny Fox Detox is now available on Gilt City