How a Victoria’s Secret Model Gets Fit

by Natasha Wolff | November 28, 2016 1:30 pm

Before heading “back to reality,” bombshell Aussie Bridget Malcolm[1] spends a sunny L.A. day with her new hubby Nathaniel Hoho, lead singer of Walking Shapes. “Reality” means traveling to New York to finish her last leg of preparation for the 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The nerves leading up to her sophomore debut only add to what’s still “the most exciting thing ever.”

Aside from sticking to her demanding fitness routine, 25-year-old Malcolm is an avid wellness junkie who meditates every morning and shares her affinity for a vegan and plant-based diet to over 200k followers on social channels like Instagram. But parallel to other high profile models, like the in-vogue Kendall Jenner who just recently returned to Instagram after a short-lived hiatus, Malcolm actually lives a very low profile life. She recently went social media free[2] for the month of August and in speaking, she reiterated that aside from opening the app to post to fans or to keep up with friends, she mainly stays away from the screen. Otherwise, as Malcolm put it, “I’ll definitely spend too much time comparing myself or experiencing FOMO.” So while she’s off the grid, doing anything from her preferred workouts of running, swimming, meditating or yoga, to posting a new plant-based recipe on her site, Bridget Malcolm is anything but your average #fitnessgoals supermodel.

To gear up for this winter’s hottest runway show, follow along as Malcolm talks with about fitness, balance and finding her groove before the show’s premiere on December 5th, 2016.

Bridget Malcolm

How do you keep yourself on track nutrition-wise?

Every morning I wake up I meditate and do a little bit of yoga and I think that helps a lot with how to keep your eating habits in perspective. Day-to-day, I don’t give protein a second thought – as long as you’re eating enough calories you’re not going to be protein deficient. I don’t subscribe to the whole “cheat meal,” “cheat day” situation because it puts an unhealthy relationship with food. Obviously I do indulge with great meals out, but I don’t plan them. 

What is your favorite workout?

Year-round I like to do Pilates, to run and swim but I’m obsessed with Body By Simone[3], I think it’s the best workout. 

What is your least favorite (re: most challenging) workout that you still do because of the results?

Brooklyn Bodyburn[4]. [Laughing] I try to do it once or twice a week and it is so horrifically hard but it works!

What is a workout that you’ve decided just isn’t for you?

Spin. Yuck! If I’m going to be on a bike I want to be outside, you know? I don’t want to be in a sweaty room with people yelling at me – it’s not fun. I tried SoulCycle and I was just angry the whole time. Some people love it and that’s great, do what works for you.

Do you have a trick for motivating yourself to workout when you really just don’t feel like it?

If I am going through a lazy patch, which I am totally capable of, I find making sure I do it first thing in the morning works best. I lay out my clothes the night before and just get up, meditate, have a coffee and go. By the end of the day there will be a million-and-one reasons why you don’t have to workout and they’ll all be feasible.

What’s your favorite gear?

I never go anywhere without my jump rope and a resistance band. I also love this Australian brand called The Upside[5], but to be honest I could workout in any old shirt as long as I have a good pair of running shoes.

Last year you mentioned doing a seven-day workout week leading up to the show. Did your routine change this time around?

This time around I’m doing five days a week – I’ve learned that those two days are when my body does the most changing. And leading up to this show I’m making sure I don’t skip any workouts. And then I also added in another protein shake in the day and cut out things like nuts to focus more on veggies and lentils. It’s pretty straightforward and not anything too crazy; definitely no crash diets.

From playing the oboe to being married to a singer/songwriter, music seems like a big part of your life! Does music play a big part in your workouts?

I’ve always loved classical music and really all kinds of music. I have a huge playlist on my phone that I love to workout to and it’s all music from the ’80s. It’s the type of playlist that when a song comes on, you’re like “oh my god!” There is nothing better than being halfway through a grueling workout, and a song comes on that makes you smile!


1. Rasputin – Boney M. The lyrics to this song always keep me occupied and amused… Perfect for the tail end of a workout! I recently discovered Disco music, and these guys are by far my favorite.

2. Bizarre love triangle – New Order. This has been a favorite song and artist of mine for a long time, and this song is unbeatable

3. Invisible touch – Genesis. Genesis is the best! This is only one of many tracks by them on my playlist.

4. Beds are burning – Midnight Oil. Australia represent! The bass to this is so awesome.

5. Just what I needed – The Cars. In case I am ever wondering about why I am working out, this provides a reason

6. I ran (so far away) – Flock of seagulls. This reminds me of playing GTA Vice City, and that provides a lovely mental distraction

7. Obsession – Animotion. Another one that makes me want to dance and laugh simultaneously

8. Just can’t get enough – Depeche Mode. I usually start my workouts with this one. The beat and energy helps get me moving.

9. Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads. David Byrne is my spirit animal.

10. Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac.  I cried when I saw them in concert a few years ago, such a fan!

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