Bespoke Beauty

by Natasha Wolff | October 3, 2014 3:07 pm

The newest development in luxury skincare is personal, very, very personal. Renowned French beauty brand Biologique Recherche[1]—a cult favorite of celebrities and editors alike—has teamed up with the Peninsula Spa to offer the Haute Couture program, a highly customized regimen where products are created exclusively to meet each client’s individual needs.



The six-month program begins with an assessment by Dr. Philippe Allouche, MD, head of creation at Biologique. The spa’s specially trained estheticians will then provide an in-depth skin analysis courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab, a machine that measures hydration, elasticity and pigmentation. The results are sent to Biologique Recherche’s laboratories in France where the medical team will create an Haute Couture treatment box of serums and creams to target specific skin issues. “We developed made-to-measure skincare products as some customers need extra support from specialists,” says Dr. Allouche.

For the duration of the treatment a new box is formulated each month to reflect the changing skin needs that, combined with regular facials at the spa, provide targeted, clinical results. “This program is designed for all skin types and ages and is hyper customized to rebuild the health of your skin, as you would with a diet and fitness.” Sign us up!

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