Here’s How You Can Help Save Your Eyebrows

by Natasha Wolff | April 23, 2019 2:30 pm

I only recently discovered all of the different ways I can darken and thicken my brows using brow powder, gel, pencil, and even more recently: semi-permanent ink. As a product aficionado, I kind of loved playing with Glossier’s Boy Brow Gel[1], Kat Von D’s┬áLong-Wear Pomade and my go-to, Antonym’s Natural Eyebrow Pencil[2]. But, especially in the summer weather, it added an unwanted extra step in my daily beauty routine and offered a sense of anxiety that with one smudge in the heat, my eyebrow might end up on my cheek.

Fast-forward to my visit to Better Brows NYC[3], founded by Kendra Bray. The thought of creating my ideal eyebrow shape and color was intriguing, and Bray offers such a comfortable bedside manner coupled with the experience and knowledge needed to put any doubts or question marks to rest. At first, I assumed I would have my eyebrows microbladed with the traditional semi-permanent ink, where individual lines are created to look like hair strokes. Upon closer inspection of my brows, Bray offered her professional suggestion of opting for a powder technique, to create a shadow affect, offering the appearance of a fuller brow, in a darker shade than my natural hair.

Before and after eyebrows (courtesy of Better Brows NYC)

After a few weeks of healing, I knew I needed to go darker when I would see myself reaching for my brow products every morning. Bray includes a follow-up appointment for all of her clients, knowing that it is easier to add more brow than to take away brow (imagine spending a year of your life removing ink and adding ink…). So, at your touch-up appointment, Bray will ask how you feel and offer her opinion as well. At my touch-up appointment, we ended up darkening my brows just a bit and going over the shape a little more. This may have just been my personal experience but the second time around was far less painful, perhaps because I knew what to expect.

Bray was keen to express that every single client is different for her. She will adjust her techniques and approach depending on the client’s needs and what she sees fit based on their skin and hair type. Sometimes Bray will have clients call her several times with questions before booking an appointment, and she applauds that kind of curiosity. Will she ever turn a client away? If someone doesn’t seem positive that the procedure is for them, Bray will suggest they take more time to decide, which says a lot about her dedication to the client’s happiness.

A few weeks after my follow-up appointment, the flaking subsided (which is natural) and my eyebrows are almost fully healed. Being able to skip a step in my beloved beauty routine has been a gift, but I can’t say I will ignore my Boy Brow gel forever. I will however, opt for the clear gel, and just for those extra-long nights.

Learn more about Better Brows NYC and Kendra Bray here[4].

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