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Body Language:
All About Brows

The secret to bold, celeb-inspired brows. Plus: Are “eyebrow extensions” a real thing?

In DuJour’s weekly Body Language column, our editors focus in on a singular body part . This week, it’s all about brows.


1. THE TIP: Rules for Tweezing

From celebrity brow-shaping specialist Anastasia Soare:

“I have two major rules when it comes to plucking your own eyebrows.  The first rule is to throw away your magnifying mirror!  I find that clients who use a magnifying mirror focus on the brows individually and end up tweezing back and forth on each brow in an effort to make them match. To make them truly as even as possible, look at your entire face in a regular mirror and examine how each brow matches the other in the big picture.

“The second rule that I tell clients is to set a guideline! Use a brow pencil like Brow Wiz to outline the desired shape of your eyebrows.  After you like the way the shape looks on your face, tweeze only the hairs that lay outside the outlined area above or below the brow. Remember to draw a guideline that is full and natural looking before tweezing.”


2. THE PRODUCT: Brow Pomade

Here’s a product you didn’t know you needed until now. It’s called “brow pomade”—and it’s a new term we’re adding to our beauty lexicons thanks to brands like Vincent Longo and Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Says Soare, “Brow pomades are perfect for women who want a precise way of applying brow color that is full coverage, but can be blended down to a natural finish. Simply apply the pomade with a good quality brush, filling in sparse spots and blending for a perfect smudge-free finish.”


3. THE INSPIRATION: Cara Delevingne

The 21-year-old British model (pictured right) is credited with bringing back the bold, bushy eyebrow that was last seen on Brooke Shields in the ‘80s. Also known as the “power brow.”


4. THE TREATMENT: Eyebrow Extensions

First there were hair extensions, then came eyelash extensions, and now, following suit, extensions for the eyebrows. The UK-based Lash Perfect recently launched a new treatment called Brow Perfect—a process that  involves gluing individual synthetic hairs to the skin or your own brow hair. If you’d rather not commit to full-blown extensions, we’ve found brow serums like RevitaBrow and neuBROW that make a slight yet noticeable difference.



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