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The Ultimate Detoxing Guide

Destinations that recharge, workouts and beauty products that transform and cleanses that pass our taste test: Here’s where to check in and what to use for your best detox yet

The Retreats

Nestled deep within the lower foothills of the Indian Himalayas, Vana Malsi Estate (pictured above) is as far from life’s daily distractions as it gets. When the property officially opens early this month, founder Veer Singh is confident it will be “the most prolific offering of wellness in the world.” So confident, in fact, that the New Delhi–based entrepreneur invested $155 million—out of pocket—to transform his holistic-wellness dream into a reality. The 21-acre property, designed by a contemporary Spanish design studio, has 90 rooms, 4 yoga studios, 50 treatment rooms, and 2 restaurants. Singh spent nearly five years executing a concept that he says, “doesn’t indulge you, but doesn’t feel like an asylum.” Vana’s team of wellness consultants creates a bespoke program for each guest, incorporating Ayurvedic practices. The approach is a stark contrast to the extreme boot camps or silent retreats you’ll find elsewhere, but the overarching message is the same: Take time to recharge, rid the body of stress and toxins, and you’re guaranteed a transformative travel experience.

From colonics in Austria to meditation massages in Arizona, find out what to expect at four of the world’s most prominent detox destinations.

Lake Wörth, Austria

Best Suited For: Masochists

What to Expect: Laxatives, nasal cleansing, blood tests, colon hydrotherapy, austere lodging

You’ll Sacrifice: Phones, Wi-Fi, caffeine, sugar

But You’ll Leave: With glowing skin, a flatter stomach, clear sinuses and a desire for fresh, unprocessed  food

Rumored Guests: Sarah Ferguson, Alber Elbaz, Qatari princes


Big Sur, California

Best Suited For: Burning Man attendees, yogis

What to Expect: Periods of silence, a lack of eye contact, yoga, naked hot-spring bathing, farm-to-table food

You’ll Sacrifice: Being able to speak or look at people

But You’ll Leave: Well on your way to self-transformation and personal development

Rumored Guests: Deepak Chopra, Penélope Cruz, Orlando Bloom


Sedona, Arizona

Best Suited For: Spiritual seekers

What to Expect: Metaphysical spa treatments, meetings with healers, putting your worries in a “worry box”

You’ll Sacrifice: Being grounded in reality, but not much else

But You’ll Leave: Feeling centered and de-stressed with a renewed sense of inner peace

Rumored Guests: Mariah Carey, Mel Gibson, wealthy hippies


Malibu, California

Best Suited For: Type A’s

What to Expect: 5:30 a.m. wake-ups, 5-hour hikes, ritzy accomodations, muscle spasms, food dreams, occasional vomiting

You’ll Sacrifice: Your watch, meat, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten

But You’ll Leave: A slimmer waist and thighs (down an average of 5 pounds and 9.5 inches)

Rumored Guests: Patrick Dempsey, Kate Spade, Carolyn Murphy


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