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The Juice Cleanse Lowdown

Our brave staff tried out 5 different three-day cleanses, just in time for summer.

The Subject: Krista Soriano, Social Media Editor

Juicing Status: Beginner. This was my first cleanse.

The Cleanse: Cooler Cleanse’s Three-Day Juice Cleanse, $174, coolercleanse.com

The Details: There were six juices per day. Besides the two green juices and the Almond Nut Milk, the flavors switch everyday.

The Experience: I generally eat pretty healthy, but I simply just love food. Our office has free espresso, coffee and snacks, so I’m always sipping or munching on something. That said, the hardest part by far was just getting through the first day (I’ve never smelled so many hot lunches). But by the second day, the hunger subsided and I started feeling like this cleanse was doable. I loved the flavors, especially the Young Coconut Water and Almond Nut Milk. My fridge is overstocked with coconut water and almond milk, so I was thankful to have them (though sadly, there was only one Young Coconut Water juice out of all 18 juices). And none of the juices were too dense, so everything felt very light yet satisfying.

The Results: By the end I felt empowered because I’d made it through three days without coffee. I didn’t immediately crave a big meal like I’d imagined, and looking leaner is also a nice benefit. The whole experience for me took a ton of willpower and discipline, and I’m coming out with a new respect for anyone who’s done more than one cleanse.

Would you do this cleanse again: If I try cleansing again, I’d do this one. I’m actually slightly allergic to certain raw fruits and veggies, and this cleanse was not only easy to drink, but has the tastiest flavors of the other programs I’ve seen.

The Subject: Lindsay Silberman, Staff Writer

Juicing Level: Intermediate. I’ve cleansed a few times and I generally eat pretty healthy—though drinking is another story.

The Cleanse: Ritual Wellness’ “Seasonal Reset” Cleanse, $216, ritualcleanse.com

The Details: This cleanse consisted of six juices per day (+two extras if you plan on working out while cleansing)—three green juices, one pineapple/mango/coconut juice, one lemon/cayenne/agave, one cashew/cinnamon/vanilla. It came in standard packaging, although it would have been helpful for the juices to be organized into separate coolers rather than just one big box (and one bag that came inside).

The Experience: I never felt hungry. This one definitely made me feel full all the time, and often I wasn’t able to drink all six (or eight when I worked out). The one thing I struggled with was that I missed the actual act of eating regular food! I watched someone eat a bagel this morning and was suddenly overcome with jealousy. But I got over it. Drinking juice all day every day can become a bit mundane. I really did enjoy the juices—I’ve tried other cleanses where the juices were unbearable (to me). With Ritual I oddly found myself craving them! As far as green juices go, these were definitely the least offensive, though I wouldn’t say they were my favorite out of all six. The pineapple/mango juice was AMAZING, and I also loved the lemon/cayenne/agave juice.

The Results: I feel pretty damn good at the end. In a way, I’m also totally turned off by some of the things I was eating before. I used to have toast or some kind of bread product every morning, and now I’m thinking about sticking the green juice for breakfast instead. We’ll see how long that lasts… Also, I’ve lost around 3.5 pounds and I have a ton of energy throughout the day and was surprised about how much energy I had at the gym. Although I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the morning I tend to be a bit light-headed.

Would you do this cleanse again: Definitely! I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for a big event, or detoxing after a weekend of overindulgence.

The Subject: Brooke Bobb, Editorial Assistant

Juicing Level: Beginner, I’ve only ever done one juice cleanse before and it lasted about a day and a half… if that.

The Cleanse: Juice Press’ Three-Day Cleanse, $180, juicepress.com

The Details: The Juice Press’ new alternate menu featured six juices that include a mix of green juices and fruit-based juices, as well as a cinnamon and hemp milk formula. According to founder Marcus Antebi, “There’s no numbered system to it, I basically went to our fridge and grabbed a mix of juices that were complimentary to one another, we wanted to do something different.” He added, “It shouldn’t be so systematic. This is about eliminating bad things in your diet not the fake magical powers of drinking six specific juices in a specific order.” Each had its own distinct flavor and tasted completely fresh and unpasteurized, something that Antebi noted was “key in what sets Juice Press apart from the rest.” All in all, everything about this particular cleanse felt authentic, from the ingredients, to the real cold press method (no rotary), and even the cheeky packaging, which pokes fun at other brands.

The Experience: I started to get hungry mid-way through the second day, but once I kept drinking the juices I felt that I had more energy and was not concerned with the physical act of eating as much. The juices were mostly flavorful, save for a couple of the juices that were pure leafy greens. I also slept much better while on the cleanse. The glo juice was probably my favorite. The combination of grapefruit, lemon and orange was the most refreshing and felt purifying.

The Results: My skin seemed to be a bit oily throughout the cleanse but vastly improved on the last day and the day after. I definitely had more energy and slept well, but could have felt a bit more fulfilled in terms of hunger.

Would you do this cleanse again: Yes, I would like to try their original formula as I think it helps me to have a numbered system day to day.

The Subject: Juli Mosoff, Web Producer

Juicing Level: Beginner—I have never done a juice cleanse before.

The Cleanse: Urban Remedy’s Three-Day Signature Cleanse, $179, urbanremedy.com

The Details: This cleanse had six juices per day—two green juices, one acai/cayenne, one beet root/carrot/ginger, one raspberry/chia seed shake, one cashew/vanilla/almond. It would have been helpful if each day of the cleanse was packaged in separate bags, but I liked them aesthetically—each bottle explained the ingredients and why they were important.

The Experience: I was hungry at times, but never enough that I needed to eat. The two-hour increments meant that by the time I started feeling hungry, it was almost time for another juice. The last juice of the day was heavy enough that I didn’t feel hunger pains when I woke up in the morning, which really helped my resolve. I enjoyed the juices—perhaps more on the third day than on the first. The only one I really disliked was Juice 2, Time Machine, acai with lemon juice, cayenne, ionized water and stevia, mainly because I hate the taste of cayenne and it tasted a bit sour to me. That said, I still managed to drink most of it each day. My favorite was Juice 4, After Party, which was beet root with carrot, ginger, apple and lemon. It was the last juice I drank at the office, and I left each day feeling surprisingly energetic—which really helped my Day 1 workout! I would definitely drink a similar blend on a regular basis. Because my evenings are generally based around eating or drinking, avoiding food and alcohol at night was the hardest part. Also, trying not to drink caffeine! (Key word being trying)

The Results: I actually felt great every day of the cleanse, I really could tell the difference in the way my body felt now that I’d packed it with nutrients. I think it really will spur some lasting diet changes to cut back on processed food and eat a more vegan diet. I lost four pounds that I’ve been trying to drop for ages, so hopefully I can keep that off. I also did notice an improvement in energy, although usually later in the day after the fourth juice.

Would you do this cleanse again: Definitely, and I would even consider trying it for longer.

The Subject: Sarah Leon, Web Editor

Juicing Level: Beginner—I drink a lot of vegetable juice, but only as a supplement.

The Cleanse: Lizzy Jays Three-Day Cleanse, $210, lizzyjaysjuice.com

The Details: I had six juices a day, two of the Crisp Greens (kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger, apple, pineapple), two of the Veggie Mix (kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley, beet, carrot, lemon, ginger, apple, pineapple, one Spicy Lemonade (filtered water, lemon, agave, apple, cayenne) and one Smooth Cashew (raw cashews, vanilla, agave, sea salt, cinnamon). Each day’s juice set came in an individually packaged cooler with cold packs—perfect for someone who is on the go—accompanied by an encouraging note in a brown-paper envelope.

The Experience: I have never gone that long without eating solid food, and I feel like my hunger was mostly mental—knowing that I couldn’t eat made me want to eat more! I really loved the Veggie Mix juice, which has beets and carrots in it. I would drink that all the time in lieu of breakfast or lunch. The hardest part was the end of the day—when I sipped on the spicy lemonade while my friends ate dinner or had a cocktail. The Smooth Cashew was very tasty, but it was too much for me to drink—I couldn’t finish it on any of the days. Also, I found caffeine withdrawal to be too much and cheated with a few cups of tea (okay, and one shot of espresso on day two).

The Results: I don’t have a scale at home, but I definitely felt more svelte by the end of the cleanse. I found that the foods I craved weren’t the unhealthy indulgences I normally want, but instead fresh vegetables, whole grains and, yes, even more juices.

Would you do this cleanse again: I’d definitely drink these juices again—they were delicious—but I don’t know if cleansing is for me. I like food too much!