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Raising the Barre

With swimsuit season upon us, barre- and cycling-inspired workouts offer a way to tone up between beach weekends

Pure Barre Evanston, Illinois

During Pure Barre’s calorie-burning classes, clients of all shapes and sizes can build stronger, leaner physiques in record time. Subtle isometric movements quickly tone the entire body, producing noticeable results in just 10 sessions. Since there’s no jumping around, joint problems are a nonissue and the workout is a favorite of runners. Pure Barre Evanston is currently featured on Gilt City. 


Barre Elements Miami, Florida

At Barre Elements, classes combine elements from ballet, modern dance, yoga, Pilates and martial arts to challenge your strength and endurance and increase your overall fitness—gracefully. Offering everything from traditional barre to dance fusion, this studio appeals to a diverse selection of workout preferences. Ballet devotees can plié their way to toned legs, tight abs and strong arms in the BE Barre class, while those with alignment issues can improve posture and movement in the BE Floor sessions. Click to learn more about Barre Elements on Gilt City.


Xtend Barre Old Town, Washington, D.C.

Created by a professional dancer and choreographer, this innovative barre workout incorporates elements of dance and Pilates to challenge and tone the entire body. These workouts strengthen and stretch, while each muscle receives an equal amount of attention; the result is a sculpted physique—without the bulk. From novices to seasoned Pilates participants and even prenatal clients, Xtend Barre has helped to tone every level of fitness expertise across the United States. Xtend Barre is available on Gilt City. 


Flywheel, Multiple Cities

Spin classes get a stylish and tech-savvy makeover at these cult-favorite fitness spots. Each signature 45-minute ride takes place in an indoor cycling studio that boasts stadium seating for 45 riders, high-tech bikes with cutting-edge tracking technology and the innovative “TorqBoard,” which allows riders to rank their performance against others in the class. The sessions even include challenging arm exercises, providing for a total-body workout. Flywheel is featured in Gilt City markets across the country: New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas and Seattle.