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Beauty’s New Bite

An innovative lip label debuts a SoHo pop-up shop and reveals a groundbreaking beauty invention

For anyone who’s ever found themselves lost in the lipstick aisle of Sephora, unsatisfied with the palette of colors smeared on their hand, and wishing they could blend together their own signature shade, Bite Beauty—the all-natural anti-aging lip care company’s new SoHo pop-up shop—is the answer to your prayers.

Here, customers have the chance to play beauty-geek-slash-scientist with Bite’s lipstick machine, where you can mix, pour, paint and mold one-of-a-kind lipsticks in just ten minutes. “My favorite experience is when I am mixing and blending new and inspired color creations,” says founder Susanne Langmuir. “It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you are playing with color!”

The unique retail experience gives customers a better understanding of how lipstick is made and what ingredients go into the brand’s good-enough-to-eat products. This fall, the pop-up’s 250-square foot space will be transformed into a permanent location by Austrian-based design team EOOS—the same firm that created Bite’s Luminous Crème Lipstick caps. No appointment is necessary to channel your inner child by creating a Bite Beauty lipstick (just think of it as the the gown-up version of concocting a cupcake out of your Easy Bake Oven).

Bite Beauty
174 Prince Street