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Big Benefits, Small Packages: The Green Juice Alternative

The A to Z on a new healthy-living program that picks up where pressed juices left off

Health hangovers happen to everyone: those moments of realization that there’s no erasing last night’s fourth martini or second piece of cake during dessert. Thanks to the popular notion that pressed juices hold magical detox powers, many believe that one slug of liquefied kale and spinach will instantly make up for all the bad stuff. Though the juices are indeed good for you, they aren’t always readily available for those on the go—and what of juices that don’t actually have all of the beneficial nutrients promised on the bottle?

For that, there’s a new health hangover cure on the block. ALOHA is a progressive new wellness initiative that not only provides said forgotten nutrients, they’re also making convenience a top priority. Founded by entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Constantin Bisanz and available beginning today, the ALOHA program contains two components.

The first is called “The Foundation,” a package of five supplement capsules to be taken once daily to aid in promoting cell regeneration, boosting energy and increasing bone density, among other benefits. The second is called “The Daily Good,” which is ALOHA’s answer to bottled green juice. The powder supplement contains nutrients like spirulina, wheatgrass, peas, spinach, wild blueberries, coconut water, mushrooms and several other nutritious and natural ingredients. Whether mixed in water, a smoothie or any favorite drink, there’s a whole lot of goodness packed inside this sleek, accessible packet. It can be consumed whenever and wherever you want, from that Monday health hangover or during, before or after a workout.

“The Daily Good” and “The Foundation”

Bisanz’s clear that his program isn’t to be followed strictly like a numbered cleanse or strict diet plan. Below, he explains the benefits and holistic approach behind what’s sure to be the next big thing in wellness.

Is ALOHA filling some sort of gap in the health market that you noticed?

After years of exploring different cultures, it’s clear to me that the happiest, healthiest people are quite similar: They eat whole foods, move around, enjoy each other, live mindfully of their everyday and remember to press pause. They find balance. But despite our dedication, even the healthiest among us could use a little help.

I founded ALOHA as an all-in-one solution for wellness. Our goal is to educate and inspire people to find balance and help them maintain their already healthy lifestyle. We are launching with two nutritional supplement products, but there is much more to come.

The Foundation packets

There’s an emphasis on simplicity within the ALOHA model. Why was it important to you to create a healthy living product that was simple and easy to understand?

Consumers are bewildered and misinformed when it comes to what they should and shouldn’t be taking to help them lead a healthy lifestyle. We’re changing that. ALOHA products are straightforward and simple—packed only with the whole foods, essential minerals and nutrients you need.

Some of our ingredients are extremely hard to come by, and we worked very hard on our research to find and include only the best. Over the past two years we’ve been working with more than 100 trusted experts and health gurus to create these products. But in addition to our products, we encourage people to embrace our five pillars—nourish, move, relax, connect, and think—because we believe the only way to achieve a healthy and happy life is through balance. That’s it. Just a simple, easy way to live your healthiest, happiest life!

Why the name “ALOHA”?

In the Hawaiian culture, aloha means “sharing the breath of life.” It’s an attitude, a way of living and a feeling of true balance, which perfectly represents our mission. And just as our products are meant to simplify the path to a healthy lifestyle, so is our packaging. We’ve designed clean, sophisticated packaging to complement our products.

What are your thoughts on today’s juicing craze?

Nutrient-rich juices are a great addition to your diet, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you’re consuming. We encourage consumers to use our products in conjunction with eating a whole-food diet. We believe that the best nutrients come from whole foods, but we’re also aware that our busy lives don’t always allow us to get all of the nutrients our bodies need every day.

The Daily Good ingredients

The Daily Good—a whole food powder with all the nutrients of a green juice and then some—should absolutely be part of your daily routine, in conjunction with The Foundation, our 5-pill supplement pack.

Since it comes in small pouches, it’s easy to take with you on the go to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need, even when you’re in a hurry. You can mix it with your favorite juice drink, protein shake, or even include it in your favorite cooking recipes. But most importantly, in its powder form, the ingredients maintain the nutrients. All the fiber and Vitamin D stay—these are often lost in the juicing process.

So often diets and juices are quickly passing fads—what is it about ALOHA that you think will make it stick within the market and keep people coming back?

We’re not concerned about fads because we know that our products are unlike anything on the market—they’re meant to complement a healthy lifestyle, not replace one. And we’re inspiring people to find balance in their lives, alongside providing them with expert insight in our magazine.



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