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  • Downtown Haunts and Uptown Cool

    Downtown Haunts and Uptown Cool

    Scott Gerber continues to bring a nightlife vibe to hotels
  • The Man at the Top

    The Man at the Top

    PVH Chairman and CEO Manny Chirico is responsible for the financial successes of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger
  • Instant Connexion

    Instant Connexion

    Already a favorite amongst the ‘in’ crowd, Maria Buccellati is ready to share her brand’s language with the world
  • The Next Generation

    The Next Generation

    London Jewelers is looking to pass the torch and carry on its legacy
  • A Tattooed Timepiece

    A Tattooed Timepiece

    Maxime Büchi, the Swiss tattooist, partnered with Hublot for an all-new Big Bang timepiece
  • Steve Aoki Goes Gold

    Steve Aoki Goes Gold

    Aurae releases the famed DJ’s limited edition credit card design
  • Zenith’s  Modern Legacy

    Zenith’s Modern Legacy

    CEO Julien Tornare shares his vision for the brand’s future
  • Beauty Queen

    Beauty Queen

    Estée Lauder Group President Jane Hertzmark Hudis is the woman running your favorite cosmetic lines
  • 24 Hours With Shaun Robinson

    24 Hours With Shaun Robinson

    The former Hollywood Reporter anchor talks the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls, speaking up in Hollywood, and her busy new lifestyle
  • Insta-Famous

    The Lives of the Rich and (Instagram) Famous

    Aspiring designer Andrew Warren and his curated crew of privileged friends—a Trump, a Kennedy and a Matisse among them—are serious about leveraging social media to find their purpose, but often, they just feel seriously misunderstood
Showing 1-10 of 252 Results.