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  • In-Home Workouts Give Gyms a Run for Their Money

    In-Home Workouts Give Gyms a Run for Their Money

    Break a sweat without heading out the door thanks to live streaming exercise classes
  • The World’s Most Elite Wellness Retreats

    The World’s Most Elite Wellness Retreats

    Take a look inside the secluded resorts where celebrities and tycoons rub shoulders during Vinyasa
  • Getting Gorgeous in 2015

    Getting Gorgeous in 2015

    Whether you take a trip to these luxurious spas or order a specialty beauty kit right to your door, you'll take on the New Year looking (and feeling) your absolute best
  • The (Non-Juice) Cleanse

    The (Non-Juice) Cleanse

    Refresh and reboot with this selection of detoxifying smoothies, soups and teas
  • Buying a Six-Pack

    Purchasing the Perfect Body

    More men are going under the knife for super-cut abs. DuJour tucks in
  • Work Out, New York

    NYC's Newest Workouts

    From Chelsea to the Village, three new boutique fitness studios offer options for all skill levels and interests
  • The Tao of Joey

    A Top Trainer Shares Fitness Tips

    Barry's Bootcamp COO and partner Joey Gonzalez talks exercise, nutrition and his perfect playlist
  • Feeling the Burn

    Feeling the Burn

    As the high-end fitness market gets ever more competitive, some gyms are resorting to tactics that seem better suited to elementary school playgrounds than million-dollar businesses. DuJour reports from the front lines of the workout battlefields
  • Get Fit for Fall

    Get Fit for Fall

    Prepare for the new season with everything from slimming cleanses to workouts that will help you tone up fast
  • Karlie Kloss’s Model-Approved Workout

    Karlie Kloss’s Model-Approved Workout

    Nike doesn’t just make someone the face of its newest campaign—you have to work for it. Here, Karlie gets put through the wringer
Showing 81-90 of 122 Results.