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Are Mood Rings Making a Comeback?

Eddie Borgo’s twist on a favorite ’90s trend

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you’ve owned (and worn) a few mood rings. Not only were they having a major style moment, they also let you know if your best friend was in high or low spirits. And while you may have thought that mood rings were a fad of yesteryear, think again. Mondo Mondo and Lana Jewelry are a few modern jewelry brands reviving the trend, and one gorgeous design in particular to look out for this season comes courtesy of Eddie Borgo’s spring/summer 2016 jewelry collection. 

The Dahlia Mood Ring is made with a custom crescent moon setting and quartz stone. Liquid crystals transform a fusion of colors to show the wearers’ current emotions—from happiness to fear—based on their temperature. The ring is priced at $250 and is available online


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