Peek Pepsi’s New Cindy Crawford Super Bowl Ad

The nostalgic campaign will also feature Presley Gerber

by Samuel Anderson | January 11, 2018 3:02 pm

During the 1992 Super Bowl, the game was briefly eclipsed by a minute-long commercial showing Cindy Crawford[1] emerge from a red sports car in jean shorts and pop open an ice-cold Pepsi. 26 years later, Crawford will pay tribute to that iconic ad[2] in an all-new campaign, “Pepsi Generations.” While the 6-second teaser released earlier today echoes the original’s hair-flipping choreography, the nostalgic ad will also incorporate some post-Y2K updates – namely, Presley Gerber, Crawford’s rising-model son.

Quaint by today’s standards, the 1992 ad has endured as a cultural touchstone; Crawford has recreated it before, appearing in similar Pepsi spots in 2002 and 2005, as well as a 2016 James Corden spoof[3]. And while Pepsi is known for its high-wattage marketing campaigns, enlisting celebrities from Britney Spears to Kendall Jenner over the years, Crawford’s remains a high point.

Vintage Pepsi campaign

Along with the ad, the company will unveil limited-edition retro packaging and a visual pop-up museum chronicling its pop-cultural legacy. While few other details about the yearlong campaign have been announced, the brand says that the full-length “Pepsi Generations” spot will feature “iconic celebrities of Pepsi’s past and present.” Whether it will involve a gladiator plot[4] remains to be seen.

Main image courtesy of Pepsi.

Written by Samuel Anderson[6]

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