Why Lamborghini’s New SUV is For You

CMO Katia Bassi explains the vision of inclusivity for the world’s first luxury sports car SUV

by Annie Caminiti | September 11, 2018 2:19 pm

“The car doesn’t know if the person driving is a male or a female,” says Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing Officer of Lamborghini[1] and the first woman ever to join the Lamborghini board of executives. While Lamborghini is actively part of the evolution of the automobile industry transforming from a gender normative workforce to a more gender fluid one, the Italian automotive company is making additional strides to revolutionize the luxury sports car itself. With a knack for firsts, Lamborghini has created the world’s very first luxury sports car SUV, which will makes its debut in the United States in late fall 2018, with inclusivity at the forefront.

“We believe that the market for the SUV is growing very fast. We decided now because we felt we were ready. We have a motto: it’s time for perfection. It took a while to come to this place, but we decided to launch when we felt it was perfect based on our standards. As long as it answered the needs of our customers who wanted a true Lamborghini but with a different shape and feel,” explains Bassi. The challenge was to deliver an SUV for the mature customer; the customer who doesn’t want a traditional super sports car Lamborghini, but what Bassi calls, a generous Lamborghini. “You can share the experience with family, friends or your kids. We want to be even more inclusive than we have ever been in the past,” Bassi adds.

Lamborghini Lounge

Lamborghini Lounge

In an attempt to demonstrate Lamborghini’s inclusive values, New York City’s Upper East Side’s newest hidden residence, the Lamborghini Lounge, invites customers to enjoy an intimate experience in what seems like someone’s Italian-inspired, beautifully-curated home. The lounge opens up from a hidden door into a duplex filled with the aroma of a fresh Italian spread and decorated artfully with Lamborghini memorabilia dating back to the company’s inception in 1963. “We want to offer an intimate experience, if familiar [with Lamborghini] or not, the dealership is great but it’s like a big store for big boys. This, you can come with your family. It’s like a home,” describes Bassi.

Lamborghini Lounge

Lamborghini Lounge

The flagship Lamborghini Lounge is another first for the company but Bassi hopes there will be many more added to the family in the coming years. It is here that customers have the opportunity to explore the brand, with a focus on the Lamborghini SUV, which aligns with the intimate experience that can be shared with anyone. This private environment, perfect for customizing your car or learning more about the energetic brand itself, is the perfect invitation for everyone, proving exactly how versatile the Lamborghini SUV will be. Click through the gallery above to see inside the luxury Lamborghini Lounge and a sneak peek at the new Lamborghini SUV.

All images: Courtesy ofAutomobili Lamborghini America

Written by Annie Caminiti[2]

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