This Season’s Most Anticipated Wedding Trends

by Kasey Caminiti | November 7, 2018 12:30 pm

It’s really no surprise that technology and customization are two of the largest trends incorporated into today’s modern weddings. From high-quality photobooths and digital photo albums to applying customized details to your bridal party gifts and table décor, couples are staying mindful of the most current wedding trends. While we speed our way through fall, it is also no surprise that this season is the most popular for wedding dates as well. According to a WeddingWire study,[1] 43% of all weddings take place from September to late November, with the two most popular dates being in the month of October. In addition to actual weddings, WeddingWire says up to 40% of all engagements take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Given the popularity of the fall nuptial season, WeddingWire[2] compiled this season’s most anticipated trends.

Below, find everything from whimsical wall decor to alternative desserts to pops of safety orange that are gracing ceremonies and receptions this season.

Add a “Pop”

No longer reserved only for your child’s birthday party; balloons are making a statement at weddings in sophisticated and surprising ways. Mixed media backdrops are gaining popularity by combining balloons with florals to amp up the traditional aesthetic of flower walls. With different shapes and sizes, balloon arrangements offer a unique focal point that can double as the perfect Instagram post.

Courtesy of Pinterest[3]

Courtesy of Pinterest

Orange is the New Pink

We were all waiting for the next emerging wedding color and WeddingWire experts are deeming safety orange the “it” hue for fall. Taking a cue from the runways and Fashion Week street style, orange is turning up in bridal fashions, invites, cocktails, décor and more in a tasteful way.

Courtesy of Pinterest[4]

Courtesy of Pinterest

Eye-Catching Parasols

Bold installations made of parasols offer an unexpected and dramatic backdrop for any reception or dance floor. Bring the whimsy and ditch the angular geometric styles of last wedding season with more than one way of styling this unique trend. Dangling parasols from the dance floor ceiling can envelop guests in what feels like an intimate wonderland while decorating the altar can create a stunning focal point.

Courtesy of Pinterest[5]

Courtesy of Pinterest

Breakfast for Dessert

To finish up an extravagant event, why not give your guests a quick “wake-up call” that is sure to bring some energy for that last dance. Whether it be a decorated pancake cake or mini breakfast treats, this culinary trend is an adorable way to differentiate your menu from most while ensuring there’s something for everyone.


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Personalized Exit Tosses

Exit tosses that deviate from traditional rice and sparklers are a way to share personal insight into the couple you’re celebrating. While exit tosses are often forgotten for one reason or another, by integrating the couple’s romantic story into them, creativity flourishes in a memorable way. Celebrating a jet-setting, adventurous couple? Throw pretty paper airplanes. Cycling enthusiasts are tying the knot? Ring bicycle bells. The options are endless as well as sophisticated.


Courtesy of Pinterest


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