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No matter where you go, you can savor unique and exclusive cultural experiences

by Kasey Caminiti | August 29, 2018 2:00 pm

Being invited to enjoy exclusive access has become synonymous with luxury living whether you’re enjoying shopping, music, art, television or sports. We know there are perks for niche audiences such as the avid shoppers at Bloomingdale’s or the die-hard football fanatics out there. But, what about those with a wider range of interests? Chase Sapphire rewards its cardmembers[1] with exclusive offers to various hotels, restaurants and intimate experiences at events across the country. For instance, as a Chase Sapphire cardmember, you can snag a coveted reservation at a seemingly filled to capacity restaurant such as Elaia in St. Louis[2], or enjoy a special members-only dinner. Perhaps you’re interested in attending a concert at the newly opened Pier 17 in New York City’s Seaport District, [3]where Cardmembers can enjoy VIP seats in the private lounge.

A couple of truly magical moments members were able to take advantage of this summer were at two very different events, solidifying that these perks will benefit a wide audience. At the 100th PGA Championship[4] in St. Louis, Chase Sapphire was the official credit card sponsor for the fourth year. Cardmembers (and one guest) could simply show their card and be welcomed into a world of luxury amenities at the Chase Sapphire Cardmember Club, complete with refreshments, premium views of the green and unique activities.

Chase, PGA , St Louis, Bellevue Country Club, 100th Anniversary of PGA

One of the activities offered to cardmembers was a cooking demonstration featuring the creator of the gourmet Korean taco truck Kogi, Chef Roy Choi and Top Chef Season 15 winner, Chef Joe Flamm. The pop-up demo gave members an hour of culinary inspiration in the midst of a day saturated with golf. Chef Joe Flamm said of the experience, “It was really cool to do a pop-up demo in the middle of this golf tournament. And it’s really cool for the Chase Sapphire members. It’s a break in the day to come watch me.” As a Chicago[5] native, he added, “This is not my home city so there are so many people here who have never eaten my food, or seen what I do.”

Chase, PGA , St Louis, Bellevue Country Club, 100th Anniversary of PGA

Expanding the cultural expertise of Chase Sapphire members is a subtle result of these unique moments. From gastronomic exploration to simply having access to a private porch with panoramic views of the golf course, cardmembers are given opportunities to broaden their horizons.

“I think Chase Sapphire has some of the best perks in the industry for all of their members, and you earn those perks. You work really hard to be loyal and devoted to a company that is going to reward you back,” Chef Roy Choi says of partnering with Chase Sapphire.

To juxtapose the PGA Tournament, Chase Sapphire members could take the journey to Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco, California and savor even more benefits. At the chic two-story Chase Sapphire Lounge, members could enjoy a daily happy hour with each food and drink pairing differing from the previous day’s, along with rooftop views of the festival grounds. The lounge also offered craft coffee drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi all day long.

Chase Sapphire Lounge at Outside Lands

Chase Sapphire Lounge at Outside Lands

The Feast in the Trees[6] private culinary experience was the true standout perk available for cardmembers at the festival. Nestled in a wooded section of the Golden Gate Park stood a whimsical deck with charming family-style tables, twinkling lights and an overall buzz in the atmosphere.

Chase enlisted the help of several celebrity chefs throughout the weekend to curate three and four-course menus each day for Chase Sapphire members. You could purchase tickets ahead of the festival to savor any of the three family-style pairings prepared by Chef Hugh Acheson, International Smoke and Master of None[7]’s Eric Wareheim’s Las Jaras Wine. During these culinary events, cardmembers are encouraged to engage with their neighbors and interact with each other throughout the meal, creating a memorable experience.

Feast in the Trees at Outside Lands

Feast in the Trees at Outside Lands

As a Chase Sapphire cardmember, you are able to travel near and far to experience special access, unique events and unforgettable moments. From the PGA Tournament in St. Louis to Outside Lands in San Francisco to the upcoming Laver Cup[8] men’s tennis tournament in Chicago; the cultural exploration is boundless with Chase Sapphire[9].

Written by Kasey Caminiti[10]

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