Shaky Knees Festival is Going Platinum

by Kasey Caminiti | April 23, 2018 12:00 pm

For the music lover who wants to experience a festival sans dirt, dead cellphone and mediocre grub, Shaky Knees has you covered. From C3 Presents, the team behind Lollapalooza[1] and epic Austin[2] City Limits, Shaky Knees Festival, coming to Atlanta, Georgia on May 4, is offering a new “Platinum” experience ticket option for festival-goers this year. “We give our most passionate music fans the best access to performances and the highest level of creature comforts. Shaky Knees is a true music lover’s festival[3] so it was a natural fit to introduce the Platinum program to it,” says Vice President of Platinum programming Stacy Rodrigues.

Shaky Knees Festival

At $1,500 for a three-day Platinum pass, these elite ticket-holders will indulge in some of the finest amenities around. In addition to on-stage viewing access, catered dinner (crafted by Chef Kevin Gillespie from Red Beard Restaurants and a former Top Chef contestant), a private open bar and luxe lounge seating, an attentive concierge service offers anything you might need for a certified-platinum experience, from sunscreen and wet wipes to after-show tickets or off-site appointments.

Although the Platinum tier is the highest, the festival also offers a VIP experience, starting at $650 for a three-day pass. While taking in the shows at up-close viewing areas or at the viewing deck’s VIP lounge, VIP ticket holders can savor complimentary beer, water and snacks. Plus, you can avoid the dreaded festival port-o-potties with the VIP and Platinum areas’ air-conditioned commodes.

With the introduction of the Platinum experience for 2018, festival-goers will have to make the tough decision  between luxe and uber-luxe. “The VIP atmosphere is a blast; energetic and entertaining. Platinum provides the same atmosphere and experience but at a much more intimate and exclusive level,” Rodrigues says. With tickets on sale now for Shaky Knees Festival, which will be shaking things up from May 4 to 6, you’ll have to pick quick before it’s sold out.

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