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Rachel Wallace

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Rachel Wallace is an Associate Editor at DuJour. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @rachwall_.

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  • Drink DuJour: Oaxaca Royal Mojito

    Drink DuJour: Oaxaca Royal Mojito

    A cocktail straight from Mexico in honor of Cinco de Mayo

    Today is Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as an American excuse to drink a giant frozen Margarita while wearing a sombrero and eating a week’s worth of calories in chips and guacamole. And although our southern neighbors don’t celebrate this day quite as vigorously as we do, there’s no ... More

  • High Design Hits Hawaii

    High Design Hits Hawaii

    Home Made Simple designer Bridgid Coulter on styling this abode on the Big Island

    When customers drop by interior designer Bridgid Coulter’s studio in Venice, California, they’re there to get a taste of her sensibility, but they aren’t necessarily there to shop. “It’s more of an experience where you can come sit around,” she says of the outpost. “It’s very personal.” A visit ... More

  • Drink DuJour: The Billionaire Martini

    Drink DuJour: The Billionaire Martini

    Order this $5,000 gold-flecked cocktail and you’ll be granted access to a penthouse suite on Park Avenue

    Starting on May 1, order this Martini at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel in New York City, and you’ll find yourself at the start of what is sure to be a memorable night. The drink is made with elit vodka’s Pristine Water Series Andean Edition vodka (which More

  • #TBT: Cornelius Smith Jr.

    #TBT: Cornelius Smith Jr.

    The Scandal actor shares a cute moment from his childhood in Detroit

    Scandal fans are used to seeing Cornelius Smith Jr. embroiled in the tense world of D.C. politics in his role as Marcus Walker, a “gladiator” at Olivia Pope & Associates. Here, he shares a sweet snapshot from a much simpler time, playing with his brother as a kid in Detroit, ... More

  • Drink DuJour: The Origin

    Drink DuJour: The Origin

    This drink will literally transport you to the Scottish Highlands

    Cocktails, like all things that speak to the senses, can take you places. For example, syrupy cranberry juice mixed with vodka takes me right back to college. But in a more serious display of ingenuity, the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych hotel in London’s theater district is offering up a drink ... More

  • Meet the Stars of The White Princess

    Meet the Stars of The White Princess

    Jodie Comer and Jacob Collins-Levy on sassing up the Middle Ages

    When it comes to English royals of yesteryear, Henry VIII and his revolving door of wives have been enjoying a long and cushy reign over the realm of modern day historical fiction. With the premiere of The White Princess, a much-needed challenger has emerged. Henry VII and his wife, Elizabeth ... More

  • Room Request! InterContinental New York Barclay

    Room Request! InterContinental New York Barclay

    The new Harold S. Vanderbilt Penthouse goes for $25,000 per night

    Luxury can mean many things. When referring to a hotel suite in particular, it’s possible for the term to conjure images of sleek, modern, trendy decor or cutting edge amenities you would have never even thought of otherwise (think of Dream’s storied sneaker concierge). On the opposite side of ... More

  • Travel Diary: the Cast of Ghost in the Shell in New Zealand

    Travel Diary: the Cast of Ghost in the Shell in New Zealand

    Scarlett Johansson and castmates share images from their time exploring the area


  • Tour Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Home

    Tour Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Home

    The famous couple’s Santa Barbara property is on the market for $45 million


  • Drink DuJour: Tavo’s Fashioned

    Drink DuJour: Tavo’s Fashioned

    Now playing in the West Village

    If you’re an epicure in New York City, Tavo, with its multicultural menu of fusion delicacies like chorizo shumai and Cuban lasagna, is probably somewhere on your running list of places to try—but cocktail enthusiasts should also take note. The drink menu is equally interesting, and their riff on ... More