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Rachel Wallace

Associate Editor


Rachel Wallace is an Associate Editor at DuJour. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @rachwall_.

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  • Live Inside a Landmark

    Live Inside a Landmark

    Get a glimpse of the first residences for sale at the historic Woolworth building


  • Drink DuJour: Countrypolitan

    Drink DuJour: Countrypolitan

    Nashville’s answer to the Cosmo

    As its name suggests, the easy-to-drink Cosmopolitan cocktail (vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice) is widely seen as a concoction best enjoyed in urban metropolises like New York City. But one bar in Nashville, TN has created a version more suited to country life. “With the recent $15.5 million ... More

  • Confessions of a Party Planner

    Confessions of a Party Planner

    An event extraordinaire on planning some of the most extravagant bar and bat mitzvah parties in the NYC area

    If you grew up in certain enclaves of New York City or an affluent suburb, you’re probably familiar with the tradition of the bar or bat mitzvah. A religious celebration in the Jewish faith signifying the coming of age of a child, the occasion is often also marked by ... More

  • 4 New Workout Classes You Need to Try

    4 New Workout Classes You Need to Try

    The best ways to sweat in the Big Apple right now


  • Drink DuJour: Hot Sauce in my Bag

    Drink DuJour: Hot Sauce in my Bag

    How spicy are you feeling?

    Checking out an up-and-coming musician often means visiting a venue with plastic cups and sticky floors—and sometimes that vibe is just what you’re in the mood for. But Kola House, in New York City’s Meatpacking District, is making a point of showcasing rising talent in an atmosphere ... More

  • The Weekender: Newport Beach, CA

    The Weekender: Newport Beach, CA

    Your guide to this sparkling Orange County destination

    On a coastline dotted with so many fabulous places that to drive the length of it is an itinerary of its own, there’s no wrong vacation destination in California. Orange County in particular, with its string of comfortable suburban surf towns, is worth considering as more than just the setting ... More

  • 13 Instagram-Worthy Floral Cocktails

    13 Instagram-Worthy Floral Cocktails

    May flowers look good as a garnish


  • Drink DuJour: Oaxaca Royal Mojito

    Drink DuJour: Oaxaca Royal Mojito

    A cocktail straight from Mexico in honor of Cinco de Mayo

    Today is Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as an American excuse to drink a giant frozen Margarita while wearing a sombrero and eating a week’s worth of calories in chips and guacamole. And although our southern neighbors don’t celebrate this day quite as vigorously as we do, there’s no ... More

  • High Design Hits Hawaii

    High Design Hits Hawaii

    Home Made Simple designer Bridgid Coulter on styling this abode on the Big Island

    When customers drop by interior designer Bridgid Coulter’s studio in Venice, California, they’re there to get a taste of her sensibility, but they aren’t necessarily there to shop. “It’s more of an experience where you can come sit around,” she says of the outpost. “It’s very personal.” A visit ... More

  • Drink DuJour: The Billionaire Martini

    Drink DuJour: The Billionaire Martini

    Order this $5,000 gold-flecked cocktail and you’ll be granted access to a penthouse suite on Park Avenue

    Starting on May 1, order this Martini at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel in New York City, and you’ll find yourself at the start of what is sure to be a memorable night. The drink is made with elit vodka’s Pristine Water Series Andean Edition vodka (which More