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Lindsay Silberman

Senior Editor


Lindsay Silberman is a Senior Editor at DuJour Magazine. Her work has been published in GQMen’s Fitness, Playboy and Zagat. Lindsay was a Staff Editor at TVGuide.com prior to joining DuJour; she began her career as a business reporter at Inc. Magazine. An avid traveler, she’s perpetually planning for her next global getaway. Lindsay lives in New York City and graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Recent Articles
  • Room Request! The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

    Room Request! The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

    Step inside the most sought-after room at one of Switzerland’s chicest ski resorts

    The tony ski town of St. Moritz is home to a number of five-star accommodations, but there’s a reason why well-heeled guests have been loyally frequenting The Carlton Hotel for more than 100 years. Beyond the hotel’s remarkable location (it has views of St. Mortiz Lake and More

  • The Wendy Williams Experience

    The Wendy Williams Experience

    Step into the wacky world of daytime television's newly anointed queen

    Inside Chelsea Studios on West 26th Street in Manhattan, 175 ladies are leaping out of their seats, “wooooo!”-ing and shrieking and shaking their hips to the beat of a bass-heavy Whitney Houston song. “Before we go live, let me ask ya’ll one thing,” shouts the hypeman, a Herculean figure with ... More

  • Life Lessons from a World Renowned Chef

    Lessons from a Renowned Chef

    Massimo Bottura, the chef and owner of Italy's three-Michelin-star Osteria Francescana, shares his philosophies

    Massimo Bottura had a somewhat predetermined career path growing up—but that path wasn't to become a chef. The Botturas were a well-off family from Modena, Italy; Massimo the youngest of four brothers. Early on, Massimo's father decided that the eldest of his sons would become an engineer; the second oldest, ... More

  • A High-Tech Way to Open Your Costly Wine

    A High-Tech Way to Open Your Costly Wine

    Pour a glass without even uncorking the bottle, thanks to this wine preservation gadget

    Opening a pricey bottle of wine usually requires drinking the entire bottle in one sitting—otherwise, leftovers are subject to the funky aftertaste that results from the wine mixing with oxygen. But a new wine preservation system is about to change that. The Coravin Model Eight Wine System lets wine connoisseurs ... More

  • Travel Diary: A Weekend in the Great Barrier Reef

    Travel Diary: A Weekend in the Great Barrier Reef

    An editor's Down Under dispatch from one of the world's most breathtaking resorts

    Orchestrating a trip to the Great Barrier Reef—a region that’s roughly the size of 70 million football fields and encompasses 900 islands—can seem like a daunting task. But one way to make the process less complicated is by zeroing in on a luxury “destination resort” that handles everything for you. ... More

  • The Hottest Hotel Fireplaces

    The Hottest Hotel Fireplaces

    Warm up to these 14 cozy properties around the country


  • Why Does This Face Cream Cost $1,500?

    Why Does This Face Cream Cost $1,500?

    A pricey beauty product that promises to make you look 10 years younger

    Guerlain is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its famed Orchidée Impériale skincare line in a big way: by unveiling a $1,500 limited edition jar of anti-aging face cream. In order to develop the product, researchers spent more than a decade studying rare orchids at Guerlain “Orchidarium” facilities around the globe (there’s ... More

  • Gadget DuJour: The High-Concept Kitchen

    The High-Concept Kitchen

    Three techy tools every modern home needs—including a $1,000 touch-screen toaster

    We’re constantly surrounding ourselves with the “smartest” devices possible—televisions that respond to voice commands, cars that give us directions and even cellphone controlled thermostats. So isn’t it about time we showed our kitchens some love too? Start small, with three high-tech tools that promise to bring unparalleled convenience to your ... More

  • Room Request! Bayerischer Hof

    Room Request! Bayerischer Hof

    Step inside a historic suite at one of Germany's most storied hotels

    The list of prominent guests who’ve paid a visit to Munich’s Bayerischer Hof reads like an all-star roster of contemporary culture: musicians (Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, the Beatles); actors (Grace Kelly, Cameron Diaz, Samuel L. Jackson); politicians (Hillary Clinton); and influential figures like Albert Einstein, the Dalai Lama ... More

  • The Grape Escape: South Africa’s Vineyards

    The Grape Escape: South Africa’s Vineyards

    Experts are journeying father south for bottles worth trying. Here, our recommended wine getaways

    Any wine connoisseur worth her grapes has already trekked to Napa, Tuscany and probably even La Rioja to raise a glass. But now, with U.S. wine consumption at an all-time-high—we're officially the largest wine market in the world, surpassing both France and Italy—adventurous enotourists are trading in Sonoma for South ... More