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Kasey Caminiti

Senior Digital Editor


Kasey is the Senior Digital Editor at DuJour. Before DuJour she was a copywriter and web producer at a travel company, an intern at Nickelodeon and at Cumulus Broadcasting. A self-proclaimed music junkie, she enjoys festivals and concerts on the weekends or snuggling with her Boston Terrier, Rufio. Follow her on Instagram at @aseykay.

Recent Work
  • 24 Hours With Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

    24 Hours With Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

    See how this singer-turned-businesswoman spends a busy day in New York City

    Success runs in the family for Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin. While she may be a seventh-generation descendant of railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, Costin has been a singer in her own right for over a decade, sharing stages with Vanessa Carlton, Mya, and more, and releasing a string of dancey singles including ... More

  • The Weekender: Puebla, Mexico

    The Weekender: Puebla, Mexico

    Home to the world’s largest pyramid, this underrated city's food and history is equal in richness

    Located two hours southeast of Mexico City, Puebla has an infectious spirit and passion all its own. The country’s fourth largest city is best known for a regional dish called Chiles en Nogada, the Battle of 1862 (Cinco de Mayo’s namesake) and a distinctive style of pottery, but that’s just scratching the ... More

  • Behind the Exhibit: Las Meninas de Canido

    Behind the Exhibit: Las Meninas de Canido

    A small Spanish city’s annual arts ceremony is going after Banksy

    For years, the Canido neighborhood in the town of Ferrol, Spain, hindered by a slow economy and crumbling infrastructure, was hardly an artistic destination. But on September 2, it will be taken over by a guerilla-style outdoor painting festival called Las Meninas de Canido in which artists are invited to ... More

  • Meet the Super Duo Behind Pentatonix Spin-off, Superfruit

    Meet the Super Duo Behind Pentatonix Spin-off, Superfruit

    Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are back with a new EP, Future Friends - Part II

    With three Grammy wins and over six million albums sold in the United States, the five-piece a cappella group Pentatonix needs no introduction. But two members of the groundbreaking quintet, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, have emerged separately in 2013 as Superfruit – the duo’s musical side-hustle and YouTube More

  • 8 Labor Day Weekend Getaways

    8 Labor Day Weekend Getaways

    Head to Florida or Hawaii for the long weekend and savor the last moments of summer


  • 24 Hours With Simon Huck

    24 Hours With Simon Huck

    See how Command Entertainment Group’s Principal owner enjoys a day out in Montauk, New York


  • Get Pumped With Indie Rockers Foster the People

    Get Pumped With Indie Rockers Foster the People

    The band opens up about their third studio album Sacred Hearts Club before their set at Lollapalooza

    Foster the People is best known for their deceptively dark 2011 hit “Pumped Up Kicks,” which, despite the song's troubled protagonist, propelled the Los Angeles-based band to huge commercial success with its hauntingly catchy hook. With subsequent hits like “Helena Beat” ... More

  • Room Request! JW Marriott Chicago

    Room Request! JW Marriott Chicago

    This luxury hotel is situated around the corner from iconic Chicago landmarks

    Situated in Chicago’s revered financial district, the JW Marriott is a lavish escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With a grand entrance featuring a breathtaking chandelier and endless marble floors, the hotel welcomes you as if you’re royalty. Guests enjoy stellar accommodations, a traditional Italian restaurant on-site ... More

  • 12 Lavish Hotel Bathrooms

    12 Lavish Hotel Bathrooms

    From panoramic views of New York City to a state-of-the-art smart bathroom in South Beach, these are our bathroom goals


  • Introducing: Grace Mitchell

    Introducing: Grace Mitchell

    The young rising star from Portland, Oregon is ready to make her mark on music

    Grace Mitchell celebrated her 20th birthday with an epic performance at the Chicago Athletic Association during a Lollapalooza after-show. The following day, the singer donned a black leather jacket, her signature mop of red curly hair, coupled with opaque shades that disguised her as a 1970s ... More