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Atalie Gimmel

Editorial Assistant


Atalie Gimmel is an Editorial Assistant at DuJour and graduate of New York University. Before DuJour she was an intern at Vox Media and Marie Claire and a staff writer for NYU Local. She runs on culture and coffee, and will forever be a Jersey girl at heart. Follow her on Twitter at @ataliegimmel and on Instagram at @gimmelatalie.

Recent Articles
  • Goop’s NYC Pop-Up Shop

    Goop’s NYC Pop-Up Shop

    Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand will finally give beauty fans an IRL experience—including a psychic reading, of course

    Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop has already given us many precious nuggets of health and wellness wisdom. From how to consciously uncouple from our significant others to the (shoppable) importance of using jade eggs in our unmentionables, Goop has certainly blossomed into an established content source as well as ... More

  • Madeline Brewer on “The Handmaid’s Tale”

    Madeline Brewer on “The Handmaid’s Tale”

    The actress on Hulu’s newest show talks her harrowing role and shares a compelling playlist to match

    You’ll likely recognize Madeline Brewer from her devastating portrayal of troubled Tricia Miller on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” or maybe from her portrayal of a ruthless soldier on “Black Mirror.” Whichever one comes to mind first—because trust us, they wouldn’t leave you anytime soon—one thing’s for certain: Brewer’s known ... More

  • Meet a Stylish Michelin-Starred Chef

    Meet a Stylish Michelin-Starred Chef

    Chef Nicholas Stefanelli of Masseria shares the sartorial inspiration behind his culinary creations

    Before opening Masseria, Chef Nicholas Stefanelli initially found his passion for food through his love of fashion. At 18-years-old, the Maryland native first worked for a master tailor before eventually visiting Italian design schools, and it was there that he fell for the culinary arts. “Food was always a ... More

  • Your Guide to Earth Day Beauty

    Your Guide to Earth Day Beauty

    Featuring ingredients you can actually spell and packaging that’s good for the environment


  • Exclusive: Behind the Tour with Allan Rayman

    Exclusive: Behind the Tour with Allan Rayman

    In the midst of a whirlwind U.S. tour performing his latest album Roadhouse 01, the mysteries of Allan Rayman are unveiled in this exclusive photo diary


  • Inside the Carry-On: Joy Bryant

    Inside the Carry-On: Joy Bryant

    The actress and model talks her latest fashion venture and tells the world to “get it together.”

    When Joy Bryant—the model and actress most recently recognized from a spot on HBO’s “Girls’” final season and her starring role as Jasmine Trussell in 2015’s “Parenthood” —thinks about the environment, there’s a simple phrase that comes to mind. “Earth clearly has something to say about the way we’ve ... More

  • Moschino Heads to Coachella

    Moschino Heads to Coachella

    Jeremy Scott teamed up with Candy Crush for this sweet collaboration


  • Spring Cleaning 101 with FITZ

    Spring Cleaning 101 with FITZ

    The author of By Invitation Only gives us her top tips for organizing a closet


  • Inside the Carry-On: DJ Ruckus

    Inside the Carry-On: DJ Ruckus

    The “most sought after DJ in the world” talks headlining nightlife’s most exclusive clubs while starting a family

    DJ Ruckus (née Gregory Andrews) has certainly achieved great heights in terms of his career as an open format DJ—he was knighted “the most sought-after DJ in the world” by GQ, after all—but that doesn’t exempt the 32-year-old from doing one thing we can all reminisce about: homework. Although, his ... More

  • 24 Hours with Hannah Bronfman

    24 Hours with Hannah Bronfman

    We spend a day with the founder of HBFIT (and we’re already exhausted)

    Hannah Bronfman is getting married in just five weeks and true to her brand, we can assume the wedding will be as ‘Insta-perfect’ as it gets. The DJ and beauty and wellness influencer (the list could go on and on) is indeed planning her and her fiancée Brendan Fallis’ big ... More