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Atalie Gimmel

Editorial Assistant


Atalie Gimmel is an Editorial Assistant at DuJour and graduate of New York University. Before DuJour she was an intern at Vox Media and Marie Claire and a staff writer for NYU Local. She runs on culture and coffee, and will forever be a Jersey girl at heart. Follow her on Twitter at @ataliegimmel and on Instagram at @gimmelatalie.

Recent Articles
  • Happy Bicentennial, Bicycle!

    Happy Bicentennial, Bicycle!

    For the bike’s 200th anniversary we salute the two-wheeled beacon of our childhood (and look to its future)

    When you’re twelve-years old and your parents begrudgingly play the part of chauffeur – something they’ll be unhurried to forget years down the line, especially when it’s your turn for a chore or two – a bicycle can mean many things. For one, it’s a solid gift that lasts well beyond ... More

  • The Clothing of Counterculture

    The Clothing of Counterculture

    Go inside a new exhibit at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design

    Resistance movements shape the societies they challenge, nowhere more than in the United States: The country’s entire narrative can be schematized as a series of transformative fights against “the Man,” starting with the American Revolution and culminating ... More

  • 10 Must-Visit Restaurants for Art Lovers

    10 Must-Visit Restaurants for Art Lovers

    Take your most cultured BFF to these artistic eateries, featuring the best in high and street art


  • Actor Tommy Dorfman’s Guide to Atlanta

    Actor Tommy Dorfman’s Guide to Atlanta

    The star of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” on his breakout role, trading Atlanta for New York, and going home again

    These days, simply landing a job is a feat in itself, let alone scoring one as a fresh college graduate. But that’s more or less how Atlanta-native Tommy Dorfman landed a part on “13 Reasons Why,” one of the most anticipated Netflix debuts of the season. One year after matriculating ... More

  • Inside the Carry-On: Oliver Stark

    Inside the Carry-On: Oliver Stark

    The "Into the Badlands" star takes us on a tour of his favorite characters (and his travel bag)

    Oliver Stark, the 25-year-old British expat and actor who stars in AMC’s action-drama, "Into the Badlands," currently calls Los Angeles home. And seven years into his career, Stark says that getting to travel is decidedly his favorite “work perk”—which is no wonder, since the actor grew up trekking through Europe ... More

  • Inside the Carry-On: Moj Mahdara

    Inside the Carry-On: Moj Mahdara

    The CEO and powerhouse behind Beautycon Media talks the beauty industry’s exciting renaissance

    In just eight months, Moj Mahdara, the CEO of Beautycon – a brand that began with the revered festival held once a year in New York, Los Angeles and London – has taken over 26 flights across the world. In short, the in-demand tycoon tapped into the “passion points” of ... More

  • The Perfect Snow Day in NYC

    The Perfect Snow Day in NYC

    We’ve curated the best (and coziest) itinerary for the ultimate snow day in New York City

    The name “Stella” might remind you of McCartney’s fall 2017 collection, or even better: your go-to order at the bar. But in the case of the weather (today throughout Wednesday) we’re referring to the Nor’easter that’s steadily approaching the east coast. Promising to deliver more than a foot of snow ... More

  • Finn Jones Is Netflix’s Newest Superhero

    Finn Jones Is Netflix’s Newest Superhero

    The actor talks Marvel’s “Iron Fist,” and the importance of starting a dialogue around representation

    You might recognize Finn Jones from “Game of Thrones” as the tragic Ser Loras Tyrell, but in his latest role you’re less likely to stumble across an unfavorable Lannister. This time around you’re bound to root for the 28-year-old actor as a superhero in the latest Marvel adaptation, “Iron Fist,” ... More

  • An Ode to NYC’s Stylish Westside Neighborhood

    An Ode to NYC’s Stylish Westside Neighborhood

    The Meatpacking District has many designer tenants, including DVF and Theory, and the party’s just getting started…

    The Meatpacking District, on New York City’s west side, has already experienced a transformation from industrial mecca to fashionable hotspot. The waterside neighborhood experienced an uptick in luxury haunts, and with more to come in the area within Washington St. and West 14th, the district has yet to reach ... More

  • The Must-See Moments From Paris Fashion Week

    The Must-See Moments From Paris Fashion Week

    Designers spared no detail for their Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collections