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Anthony Rotunno

Features Director


Anthony Rotunno is DuJour’s Features Director. 

Portrait by Andy Eidelstein @phuckyodrawings

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  • Obsession DuJour: The Green Vase’s Paper Flowers

    Obsession DuJour: The Green Vase’s Paper Flowers

    Our Features Director shares what he can’t live without right now

    Chances are that if you know anyone who worked at a certain type of glossy magazine before the industry’s budgets were slashed to the point of sustaining little more than a room full of monkeys on typewriters, that person has, at least once, waxed poetically about "the perks." Expense accounts. ... More

  • Reading Wish Lists

    Reading Wish Lists

    The proprietors of eight of the world’s most beloved independent bookstores give their suggested titles

    1. For me: “I’ve had copies of Revolutionary War–era newspapers like the Massachusetts Spy and the Boston Chronicle in my store before and I’d love to get my hands on another group of them. The history comes across differently than what you read in schoolbooks.”  For you: “I recently appraised a ... More