Goop’s NYC Pop-Up Shop

by Kasey Caminiti | April 27, 2017 2:00 pm

Gwyneth Paltrow’s[1] lifestyle brand Goop has already given us many precious nuggets of health and wellness wisdom. From how to consciously uncouple from our significant others to the (shoppable) importance of using jade eggs[2] in our unmentionables, Goop has certainly blossomed into an established content source as well as an e-commerce site. The brand is also hosting its first summit, “In Goop Health,” in Los Angeles later this summer.

But the real prize will be popping up this weekend in NYC.

Edition 02, Shiso Fragrance

For the brand’s first fragrance-only pop-up, Goop is taking up shop in NYC’s Soho neighborhood to honor their newly released natural fragrance, Edition 02, Shiso. “Shiso Psychic (by Goop)” will offer customers the opportunity to sample the fragrance in-person (a special treat, since Goop’s products are normally sold exclusively online) and of course, receive a complimentary psychic reading. 

“I worked with Shiso, which has this great, spicy green quality to it. In combination with some of the other plant essences (palo santo and oak moss, to name a couple) it smells amazing, but also channels other powers, like joy, healing, and clairvoyance,” Paltrow said in a statement—hence the psychic reading. The fragrance is priced at $165 and is available at[3].

The pop-up will be held Saturday 4/29 between 11am to 8pm EST at 252 Mott Street in New York City.

Main Image: Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff

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